Sunday, May 01, 2016

"Boy, the way Cat Stevens played..."

(Note: I stole my title from the witty comment of a reader at, Steve Buirstein.)

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Back in January of this year, Robert Spencer penned an articulate retort to an idea Reza Aslan, thinking (and jihading) out loud, broached while sitting next to the classical Leftist television producer, Norman Lear when the latter appeared as Aslan's first guest on his new chit-chat show, "Rough Draft With Reza Aslan".  That idea couched rhetorically by Aslan was:   

"I'm waiting for a Muslim 'All in the Family'."

Recently, Spencer had occasion to mention this again, in his report of yet another public call for a television sit-com about Muslims that will expose the Islamophobia of the typical non-Muslim American.  As the Miami Herald reporter cited by Spencer, Hannah Allam, put it (and what's up with that name? -- see more on that here...):

Muslim writers and artists agreed that they haven’t yet reached what some regard as their “Cosby Show moment,” a breakthrough hit that transforms mainstream thinking about Islam the way “The Cosby Show” challenged images of African Americans.

Spencer, however, I think misconstrues Reza Aslan's appeal.  Spencer wrote:

Reza Aslan, with his typical moronic arrogance, later updated the demand and called for a Muslim “All in the Family,” apparently not realizing that the central character of that show was a butt of jokes and an object of ridicule. But clearly he meant the same thing: if Americans could just see Muslims outside of the context of jihad terrorism, they would love them, and “Islamophobia” would evanesce.

The idea casually bounced around by Reza and All In the Family creator Norman Lear (still living at age 93 -- who said anti-American Leftism is bad for your health?) probably conceived of a non-Muslim Archie Bunker -- not a Muslim one, as Spencer seems to think. 

This non-Muslim Archie would be updated from a 70s bigot into a 21st century Islamophobe -- with his daughter and son-in-law routinely, in that arrogantly self-righteous way that seems to come naturally to Leftists, chiding him for his regressive close-minded attitudes, as his pleasantly ditzy wife anxiously furrows her brow in the intuition that her husband means well, but is being unfair to all those nice Muslims.

Meanwhile, the show would parade in through its weekly revolving door of guests plenty of Muslim-American characters each week as foils to demonstrate Archie’s Islamophobia. One show could even have Archie’s daughter Gloria considering conversion to Islam — while Archie has a series of conniption fits at which the audience laughs like he’s a clown, while she and “Meathead” lecture Archie on why he’s over-reacting and being “paranoid” and “bigoted”, etc.

And, if (Allah forbid) this idea ever became realized -- “Allah in the Family” -- it’s highly unlikely the new actor to play the bigoted head of the family would be as brilliant as Carroll O’Connor who, in his ingenious ability to play the bigoted clown, still managed to invest the character with a degree of redeeming and even touching common sense (sort of the mirror image of Ben Vereen's blackface yet retaining the dignity of the black man).  And in so doing, O'Connor's genius as Archie lifted that show up from being the one-dimensional Stalinist propaganda which the arch-Leftist Norman Lear probably had in mind.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Damned if you don't, continued (again... and again....)

Robert Spencer posted a report recently about a speech he gave in Calgary, Canada.

What he wanted his readers to note was the mainstream news media's take on his speech:

First, note the headline: “U.S. anti-Muslim blogger Robert Spencer draws hundreds in Calgary as critics condemn ‘dangerous speaker.'” The mainstream media typically defames all foes of jihad terror as “anti-Muslim,” and the charge is as false as it is revealing. The usage indicates that the mainstream media considers opposition to jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women, gays, non-Muslims, etc. to be “anti-Muslim.” That in turn implies that the mainstream media is well aware that these things are Islamic. Yet in the same breath, the mainstream media claims that none of these things are genuinely Islamic, and that the overwhelming majority of Muslims oppose them. If that is so, then why is opposition to them “anti-Muslim”?

First of all, let's get this out of the way:  What's wrong with being anti-Muslim?

Second of all...  what else is there to say...?

Let's see what the Jihad Watch Loyalists said when I asked my question:

Oh wait, they had nothing to say to my post.  (Perhaps the "Peanut Gallery" might weigh in later -- or at least their front-line soldier, the Energizer Bunny, "Angemon" -- keep checking that link later...).

Update:  Well, in the meantime, I had posted a more fulsome version of that comment, and true to form, the Energizer Bunny, "Angemon", couldn't help himself.  My readers will want to click on this link for my comment under the nickname "Fessitude" and then scroll up for context, then down for Angemon's reaction.  I of course have not read it and hopefully never will subject myself to getting ensnared in his typical rabbit-trail of sophistry.  I encourage my readers to take a look at it and see if my suspicions (the jaded fruit of countless times I used to tangle with him in the old days) are not correct -- that, in effect, his "response" to my argument was not an actual counter-argument, but a tissue of sophistry effectively defending a soft position on the problem of Muslims.  (And, naturally, none of the "Peanut Gallery" (Jihad Watch regulars Mirren, gravenimage, Wellington, dumbledoresarmy, Jay Boo, Champ) will have seen fit to notice what Angemon, their friend, is doing and express their critical dismay about it -- or, if they agree with him, to offer up a reasoned paraphrase of his attempt at a counter-argument, demonstrating that it is in fact sound, and not sophistry.  No; they'll just pretend like they don't notice what he's doing, as he has done now some 20 times (while I have been ignoring him) to my comments in various comments fields over the past couple of months since I rejoined Jihad Watch comments under the new nickname "Fessitude".)

Further Reading:


Friday, April 29, 2016

Katie Hopkins notices Auster's "First Law of Majority/Minority Relations"

Or at least she notices a symptom of Auster's "First Law" (which I discussed here), even if she may not have thought it through.  Nearly two years ago, she tweeted:

"Islam supports homophobia. If I object to this homophobia, it's called Islamophobia, seen as 'worse'. We have a new hierarchy of phobias."

This opens a glimpse into what I've been talking about for years -- how Muslims have, with the generous (albeit unwitting) help of Western PC MC, elbowed their way to the top of the Minority Grievance Food Chain.  All the causes of the PC MCs (and of course of their more robustly caffeinated cousins, the Leftists) -- LGBT rights, feminism, black rights & racism, etc. -- get thrown under the bus if any one of them comes in conflict with the immutable right to respect which Muslims demand, and immediately receive from the West. And when Western non-Muslims balk at this, they tend to get penalized by authorities and/or ostracized by polite society.

And who is this Katie Hopkins?  I hadn't heard of her until just tonight.  She's a UK celebrity/pundit who writes pieces for the Mail Online (more of her salty tweets may be found here).  She seems to be sort of a British version of an Anne Coulter/Debbie Schlussel.  Interestingly, she has caught the approving eye of Donald Trump, who just a few months ago tweeted:

"The politicians of the U.K. should watch Katie Hopkins of on FOX news. Many people in the U.K. agree with me!"

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Je suis Jésuite!

Although Jesuit Father (and astrophysicist) Manuel Carreira is Spanish, I feel moved to champion my motto as a variation on the recent public affirmation in solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo jihad attack.  Not because Father Carreira was himself attacked; but because his statements about Islam are so wonderfully incorrect.  Indeed, because they are superb, they themselves constitute, in our crucial war of ideas, a positive counter-attack (as do all articulations free of PC MC).

A recent Jihad Watch report notes that in an interview, Father Carreira spoke his thoughts about Islam -- and what a breath of invigorating, refreshing air those thoughts are!  My readers are encouraged to read the full report, but I will cite two quotes here:

Islam is “completely unable” to respect human dignity and human rights...
Carreira mainly sees a threat to Western countries, and that is above all Islam. “I would say that Islam is the worst plague that humanity has seen in the past 2000 years.”  Islam is “completely unable” to develop, respect for human dignity.
For Muslims it is therefore “impossible to respect human rights and the Western tradition”.

And so forth. It’s so refreshing (and so bloody rare) to read such thoughts as these on the problem of Islam without finding a few annoying nettles of prevarication or spongy, nougaty fungus buried deep within some outward show of no-nonsense bravado against "extremism".

Of course, being Jesuit remains a paradoxical proposition in our time, seeing that Father Carreira's own Pope is a Jesuit, and is thoroughly besotted with all that is wrong with Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism.

When I recalled that the famous French philosopher René Descartes was trained by Jesuits -- and even the one thing for which he is most famous (the famous epistemological conclusion, Cogito ergo sum) was, according to historian of medieval philosophy Étienne Gilson, probably modeled after typical Jesuit exercises of thought experiments to train in logic -- a light bulb went on in my head.

To wit:  With Jesuit Father Carreira, we can now update this with new Cartesian software:

"I think, therefore I am anti-Islam!"

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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Rummaging around the belfry of history, one often bumps one's head, stubs one's toe, or nearly pokes one's eye out on some rudely untoward (let alone aggrieving) object of the past.

Googling "herzog + islam" today on a whim, I happened to run into this story from The Jewish Chronicle online from June of 2014:

A letter from an Israeli Chief Rabbi arguing that the closeness of Islam to Judaism could help the cause of Middle East peace is to go on sale tomorrow.

It was written by Israel’s first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, Isaac Herzog, in 1954 to Professor Abraham Katsh, who had published a book on “Judaism in Islam”,

Rabbi Herzog, who died in 1959, wrote: “It is my fervent hope that the learned men of the Arab peoples may… be helped to realize how near Islam is to Judaism historically and that this connection may help to promote the cause… of peace between Ishmael and Israel.”

The letter, up for auction at Kestenbaum’s in New York, tomorrow, is expected to fetch between $4,000 to $6,000.

And who is that Professor mentioned in the article, Abraham Katsh...?   An article by him, "Judaism and Islam", is readily available online from the interesting though still suspect (and likely ironically titled) blog Diversity Macht Frei.  In it, he begins by going on and on -- and on -- for several paragraphs noting (by adducing superficial and structural resemblances) how similar Judaism and Islam are; though when he gets to the daily prayers, he breezes past the injunction in Islamic daily prayers that is a clear allusion to how accursed the Jews and Christians are:

Guide us on the straight path, The path of those to whom Thou has been gracious, Not of those with whom Thou art angry [i.e., the Jews] nor of those Who go astray [i.e., the Christians].

Finally, he gets to, as he puts it in the understatement of the millennium, "How Islam Parts Company".  Here, he gives a breathlessly brief, but barely adequate account of the violently supremacist dimension of Islam (even mentioning the concepts of the Dar al-Islam & Dar al-Harb).  Then of course he has to put his foot in his mouth again:

Despite the concept of JIHAD and its influence within present Arab-Jewish conflict in the Middle East, Judaism and Islam have a long common history of peaceful coexistence.

It was at that point that I figuratively flung the article into my raging fireplace, downed the lees of my Château Carlomartellus (vintage 732 A.D., a very good year), and climbed back down the winding stairs of my belfry turret.

Friday, April 22, 2016

An apple a day keeps the Muslim away...

Years ago, while helping a friend study for the international N-CLEX nursing exam, I noticed the review manual (Complete Review for NCLEX-RN, 2007 edition) had a section on “Cultural Diversity” issues buried way in the back of this telephone book-sized manual (in Unit IX, “Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing”, on pages 1050-1051) -- and within that section was a subsection on “Arab American” (amid many other hyphenated Americans, including the Classic Coke African-Americans), which mentions a few interesting details about the members of this particular subculture.

Under the subsection “Health and Illness Beliefs” we find:

“8. Immediate pain relief is expected and may be persistently requested.”

And then, under the subsection “Nursing Interventions” we find:

“1. Be aware that the client will be persistent in the request for pain medication.”

The fact that a manual like this, with a million other facts to explain & report, would go out of its way to note this, must mean it is indeed significant and prevalent. And I checked the other hyphenated Americans (Hispanic-American, African-American, Asian-American, Native American) -- none of them share this curious detail with the Arab-Americans.

Other interesting details listed there include:

“2. Arab Americans believe that God or the prophet Muhammed is omnipotent and cause for all health and illness.” [Interesting, eh? Ever notice how Muslims insist they “don’t worship Mohammed”…? Methinks that’s just another lie in their kit-bag of kitman…]


“7. …invasive therapies are seen as superior to nonnoninvasive therapies.” [Translation: “Doctor, I have a migraine, please behead me!]

P.S.: That “Arab American” is being used metonymously for Muslims may be gleaned from the fact that under the subsection “Religion and Spirituality” for Arab Americans, Islam is the predominant topic (and even for the small minority of non-Muslim Arab Americans, we reasonably suppose residues of cultural and psychological dhimmitude -- i.e., the insidious sway of Islam on their psyches).

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Islam as a psychological disorder -- in the year 2158

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

“This is the way the world ends…”

A lapsus caliendri* from the lips of a giant, undone by the mere flutter of a Tweet by a pop star (and note the reporter whom the Postmedia chose to rub our faces with it, a Muslima named Sadaf Ahsan, dutifully and cleverly pursuing her jihad of the pen, aided and abetted by the daughter of a Lebanese dhimmi):

Salma Hayek single-handedly shuts down Donald Trump’s ‘7/11’ mix-up in one epic tweet

Trump referred to the 9/11 terrorist attacks as '7/11' while campaigning for Tuesday's New York primary.

֍ ֍ ֍ ֍ ֍ 

We are reminded of the deservedly famous ending of The Hollow Men, T.S. Eliot’s poem (the ingeniously simplex typography is Eliot’s own -- the last word wickedly mine):

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a Twitter.

* Note:  a "lapsus calami" is a "slip of the pen" -- my coinage "lapsus caliendri" comes from the Latin caliendrum.