Friday, August 18, 2006

PC Multiculturalism and Non-Western Cultures

Anti-Western and anti-American sentiments are quite common in the West, and in America, and they are held by Western, and American, individuals.

(I distinguish the two only because one can be anti-American, but not anti-Western.)

This anti-Western / anti-American pathology is deeper than merely some eccentric neurotic peccadillo, as many observers seem to imply: in fact, it is a general cultural disease in the modern West. Its main vehicle is PC Multiculturalism, which has become dominant over the past 60 years in the West.

PC Multiculturalism, in turn, is part of a larger pathology, modern Gnosticism. Some of the larger more deranged movements of modern Gnosticism have been the French Revolution, various Utopianisms of the 19th century, Communism, Fascism, and German Nazism.

In an ironic twist of history, PC Multiculturalism developed as part of the generally healthy Western response against the eruptions of Fascism and German Nazism which climaxed with World War II. That great war, however, was not the only contributor to PC Multiculturalism.

Other factors include the larger process of the dismantling of Western Colonialism, which began in the late 1940s. This process was not merely institutional, but also legal, political, philosophical, and ultimately, cultural. It tended to sweep up along with it various amorphous currents of anti-Western sentiment, involving pathologically excessive self-criticism, combined with a paradoxical retention of the paternalistic attitude of Western Colonialism with its assumptions of Western and white superiority over other cultures.

This paradoxical retention survived in PC Multiculturalism as part of its template by which it views and interprets non-white non-Western peoples and cultures as Noble Savages who have no ethical responsibility of their own, but are owed the West’s perpetual care as Children, or even Beautiful Wild Animals, of the World. And all problems and pathologies that Third World peoples might generate on their own are, through the dictates of the PC Multiculturalist template, reinterpreted as the exclusive fault of the West and its Colonialist and now post-Colonialist geopolitical structures.

This is one major reason why, to the Useful Idiot whose pedagogy and worldview have been unremarkably deformed by PC Multiculturalism, the Muslim—a non-white non-Western Noble Savage—can do no wrong, and any apparent wrongs the Muslim perpetrates must always be imputed, somehow, to the faults of the West. The Islam of the Muslim also is fit into this template, as a sacrosanct non-white non-Western Religion in the eyes of Western anthropology with its PC Multiculturalist assumptions that all non-white non-Western Religions cannot be morally judged for their barbaric and regressive ideas & practices, but must be seen as relatively “cultural” and no worse than Western mores. In fact, the sensitive PC Multiculturalist will oftentimes lean toward romantically favoring, as positively superior to, or at least more attractive than, the West, the non-white non-Western Religion—whether it be “Native American”, or Polynesian, or pagan African, or… Islamic.

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