Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The PC Filter Decaffeinates Islam


Between the virulent, violent and vile caffeine of Islam and the nose of the West, there exists a vast, sophisticated and sociopolitically dominant filter that decaffeinates Islam. As long as this filter exists, the West will not be able to “wake up and smell the Muslim coffee”—even when it’s right under our nose.

A brief adumbration of this particular, pre-eminent problem we face follows. As yet, unfortunately, I am unable to proffer a solution.

1) More information, more data, more facts, will not be effective against the PC template by which millions in the West surgically detach Islam itself from the problems caused by Islam.

2) Sufficient information is already out there.

3) Millions of people whose minds are formed by the PC template already know that sufficient information about Islam, but their minds filter that information.

4) Millions of other people whose minds are formed by the PC template, even if they do not yet know the sufficient information about Islam, will filter—through the interpretive filter of the PC template by which Islam itself remains forever sanitized—all new information about the problem of Islam that is communicated to them.

5) It is not the knowledge of information alone that forms a person’s opinion: it is the interpretative filter by which that information is fit into various cognitive and analytical slots in that person’s mind.

6) Unless we deconstruct the interpretative filter of the PC template, no amount of information, no mountains of data about the perniciousness of Islam, will be sufficient to change most minds affected by PC.

7) Deconstructing the interpretive filter of the PC template will likely be a complex and gargantuan task and will probably entail a larger deconstruction of the PC template itself.

8) The deconstruction of the PC template itself will require either a long sociocultural evolution lasting several decades, or—quicker than decades of time—a series of rude, horrific and widely disparate shocks of Islamic terrorism far worse than the West has yet seen.

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Alarmed Pig Famer said...

Not just interpretative filters and mind slots. As Marshall McLuhan postulated decades ago, the key to cognitive dissonance and the "fictive realities" (my term) it can cause is primarily emotive. In other words, some things just can't be thought, much less said, for fear of personal ruination. The subjects of racism and feminism come to mind in connection with fictive realities.

To wit, if one side of an argument is allowed to speak freely, nay is encouraged and even subsidized to speak, and the other is castigated at the slightest peep, who's gonna when the argument? And, gradually, through the bad offices of TV producers and colleg professors, the center of the reality underlying the argument gets continually pushed over to the side of the free speaker. In this way fictive realities are born.

So then, now we have the Islamic Fictive Reality, the most dangerous one yet, for it involves not just lost opporunity and lost money; this one involves that and lost freedom and lost life... two processes already well under way.