Saturday, March 03, 2007

What can we do to begin to solve the problem?

Frankly, I don’t know the answer to this question.

Well, I can grope around for the rudiments of an inchoate answer, I guess.

The first thing to keep in mind, while we are constructing a suitable answer, is this: People whose minds are formed (or deformed) by the PC Multiculturalist template remain, for the most part, impervious to data. Many of us labor under the mistaken impression that all we have to do is present more data to these PC people, and sooner or later they will wake up, see the light, and agree with us about the Problem of Islam. However, I am far more pessimistic about this. These PC people’s minds have been configured in such a way that no amount of data will ever suffice to change their minds. The paradigms by which they approach the Problem of Islam are like machines that are set up to devour data—whole mountains of data—then to digest that data and efficiently produce, out the other end, always the same conclusion:

Islam and the majority of Muslims are harmless and peaceful, and it is only a “small minority of extremists” who are to blame.

We have seen this again and again, over the past few years. Muslims all around the world can continue to blow things up, mass murder people, behead innocents, manifest outrageously regressive and anti-liberal attitudes, and plan and plot to do horrible things in various places around the globe, and our PC people continue to assimilate that data and excrete out their other end that paradigm that leaves Islam and the majority of Muslims smelling like a rose. In fact, as we have noted before, for many PC people out there, a counter-logical dynamic seems to operate: it seems that the more bad things Muslims do, the stronger the PC people dig in their heels to maintain, stubbornly, their conclusion italicized above.

So this tells us, at least, what will probably not work. Simply presenting more data to the mainstream majority of PC people around us will not be sufficient. It might begin to sway a tiny minority of them, but I fear that will be a minority too negligible to have much impact.

What can we do then, if presenting all the information about how bad Islam is will not have much of an effect?

Regrettably, I do not have a direct, pragmatic answer for this. I can delineate, nevertheless, the ground rules for any productive efforts that would take us toward some sort of solution.

Somehow, the PC Multiculturalist template must be dismantled, or—if this is not the same thing—its mainstream dominance has to be dislodged. Some may argue that our continual effort at presenting the ridiculous and evil data of Islam will attain this end, by sheer attrition. That is possible. I would not rule anything out.

However, my pessimism on this facet of the Problem of Islam tends to sink into grim depths, such that it seems likely to me that only more attacks perpetrated by Muslims—worse than 911—will serve to finally shock our PC masses and elites from their axiomatic credulity in the templates by which they make sense of world politics today.

Perhaps there is another way—a more ingenious way than merely shoveling more and more data at PC people, or merely sitting around waiting for more horrible attacks by Muslims. Perhaps there is a way to undermine the PC Multiculturalist template on a higher level of sophistication. When I think of one, I will let the reader know.

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