Saturday, February 09, 2008

Reverse Racism and Islam

Sometimes it takes a while of thinking about something
—particularly something complex—before the essence boils down to a crystallization, a simplification.

Such an essential simplification has dawned on me lately, concerning the crux of PC MC (Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism), and how that crux continues to stymie our collective rational analysis of the Problem of Islam.

The simple crystallization is this: Reverse Racism is the crux of PC MC.

It is the reason why Islam, and the vast majority of Muslims, remain protected by the West from all substantive criticism (let alone the condemnation they deserve).

For its effectiveness, Reverse Racism depends upon a twin fact that represents two sides of the same coin:

1) the vast majority of Muslims
—really the overwhelming majority—are non-white non-Westerners;


2) the vast majority of Westerners (white and non-white) are non-Muslims.

What effect does this twin fact about the comparative racial complexions of Islam and the West have upon Reverse Racism and its role as the crux of PC MC?

Obviously, this twin fact makes it eminently easy for the votaries of PC MC to frame any substantive criticism of Islam (and any given substantive criticism of Muslims) as
a manifestation of bigotry, if not of “racism”—for the obvious reason that whenever Muslims are criticized, the chances are extremely high that those Muslims will be non-white and non-Western.

Even if one fastidiously limits the criticism to Islam itself
—avoiding any criticism of Muslims—the fact that this Islam being criticized happens to be the primary belief system and cultural life of Muslims, whose ethnographic complexion is predominantly non-white and whose demographic complexion is predominantly non-Western, this unavoidably taints that criticism with the appearance of criticizing mostly non-whites and non-Westerners.

Thus, this major effect of the twin fact helps the votaries of PC MC in their ongoing agenda of protecting Islam and the vast majority of Muslims from substantive criticism, by giving them ample ammunition by which to vilify those critics.

The mantra
Islam is an ideology, not a race—currently fashionable among Jihad Watchers, while perfectly accurate, unfortunately has little effect on the votaries of PC MC; for their minds are pretty much impervious to elementary rationality. Furthermore, that mantra ignores the overwhelming preponderance of ethnographic and demographic data that powerfully lends itself to a non-white racial complexion of the vast majority of Muslims.

This brings us to the other dimension of this principle of Reverse Racism—the principle that enables it to be as effective as it is.

While that dimension involves a larger process in the West that is considerably broader and more complex than the dynamic of the twin fact articulated above, it may nevertheless also be expressed as a twin fact—another coin with two complementary sides:

1) a slowly developing process in the West, over the span of the last 200-odd years and increasing in intensity with each passing generation, of excessive and even morbid self-criticism


2) a slowly developing process in the West, over the same span of time, of excessive and irrational sentimentalization of the Noble Savage of non-Western cultures.

This twin fact in modern Western civilization has evolved, monstrously, into a dominant and mainstream dogma whereby

a) most everything Western is, at best, considered with suspicion, and, at worst, is deemed to be evil;


b) most everything non-Western (and Third World) that is ostensibly regressive or unjust is deemed to be, at worst, an “understandable” reaction to Western evil, and, at best, a “cultural” expression about which we must be “sensitive” and “tolerant”.

Reverse Racism, then is the principle by which the West
—and only the West—is guilty of racism” while the non-West can pretty much get away with murder. And whenever any Westerner dares to criticize a non-Western culture of human rights abuses or of fomenting a dangerous ideology of militantly supremacist expansionism (viz., Islam), that Westerner is vilified and ostracized by his own West.

Furthermore, in the context of PC MC, the irrationally deferential
“respect” for Third World cultures—and for Islam in particular—trumps all other liberal values. If a PC MC votary has to choose between a feminist value, a gay rights value, a counter-cultural freedom of expression value, an animal rights value—you name it: if they find themselves having to choose between any of these values and the value of Reverse Racism, they will invariably choose to defend the latter, and not any of the former. (Thus we find, for example, most Western feminists remaining silent in the face of the rampant, worldwide abuse of women sanctioned in Islam; or the Leftist Mayor of London Ken Livingstone supporting gay rights while simultaneously defending two major Islamic clerics, Qaradawi and Tantawi, who believe in capital punishment for homosexuality.)

It is a perversely irrational situation; but it is all too ridiculously and grimly real.

Thus, our continuing quandary: Muslims are trying to kill us, and they are inspired and guided by Islam to do so. But we, the West, are preventing ourselves from recognizing this, analyzing this, and doing anything about it in order to rationally protect ourselves.

All boiled down to Reverse Racism.

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