Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bring down the green monster

I applaud the efforts and mission of a new blog, LGF II, created in protest against the berserk behaviors of Charles Johnson at his blog Little Green Footballs (LGF):

This website is for ex LGFers in exile. Charles and his master, Killgore trout ban anyone who disagrees. We will not do that. We will have the same stories minus the Charles worshipping. LGF is a cult, LGF II is a blog.

I never read LGF much, even back when its owner, Charles Johnson, was apparently behaving more reasonably. Two things put me off from spending much time there: the comments fields were too voluminous and hectic; and the restrictions on becoming a commenter were too stringent. I have always believed that discussion forums should err on the side of allowing any and all comments and should therefore limit censorship as much as possible.

I later got into a series of scraps with Robert Spencer, who I felt was being too stringent about the freedom of commenters who post on the Jihad Watch comments fields. But when I consider the behavior of Charles Johnson of late, there is little comparison between him and Spencer. While I might feel annoyed by Spencer at times, Charles Johnson is in a whole other ballpark: he seems to be pathologically disturbed and he runs his blog like a combination of a totalitarian organization and a paranoid cult. This is very unfortunate, since LGF has great potential for rallying a large number of people from all over America, if not the world, around the cause of resisting Islam. This potential is being barbarically botched by the unhinged behaviors of its owner.

At any rate, I wish the new green spawn, Little Green Footballs 2 —friendly as a frog and wise as a serpent—all the luck in the world in their goal of toppling that bloated green Godzilla whose time has come and whose welcome has long worn out.


Nobody said...

I saw your comment there about it being okay to have a division of labor between 2 similar sites, but I do think they'd serve their cause better by having a mission that's far greater than targeting a blog, which is what LGF always was. Like with JihadWatch, you know that their struggle is against Jihad, Dhimmitude and Shariah. I never figured what LGF's mission ever was, but it would be good if LGF2 thought about re-branding itself.

Unknown said...

The LGF mission is what it calls anti-idiotarianism, that is to say, slightly rightish liberalism. As the word "anti-idiotarian" implies, its adherents believe that their particular species of liberalism is simply synonymous with reason and with political sanity as such. For this reason, they see no reason to treat with intellectual adversaries in any serious way.

Hesperado said...

I would love to see CJ and his minions take on Kos: It would be like Godzilla and Mothra: they would spectacularly destroy each other -- for the good of the Blogosphere.

Unknown said...

This is Rodan for LGF2
Hey Thanks for the kudos. We are now focusing on original material on LGF2. We still take shots at LGF, but our main focus is to create a forum of ideas.
Charles aint Godzilla, if anything he's King Ghidorah, I'm Rodan so I'm cool with Godzilla! LOL!

Hesperado said...


I chose Godzilla because he's green and monstrous. I realize it gives too much credit to CJ :)

Re: the expansion of LGF2 into a more general forum for ideas, what do you think of my latest essay here on whether the Anti-Islam Movement should ostracize certain people (like CJ), and how should they determine who gets ostracized, and who doesn't?

Also, if you have any pull at LGF2, could you put my blog on the blogroll there? I'd appreciate it.