Friday, March 12, 2010

The lion sleeps tonight, and the Great Reawakening of the West

Thoughts on a recent story about a "homegrown" Muslim, a young African-American named "Sharif" Mobley, found out to have been not only a violent terrorist surfacing in Yemen, but also to have had jobs working for three different nuclear power plants in his home state, New Jersey. According to this story:

PSEG Nuclear spokesman Joe Delmar said late Thursday night Mobley worked as a laborer for several contractors at the company's three nuclear plants on Artificial Island in Lower Alloways Creek. He worked there from 2002 to 2008, carrying supplies and doing maintenance work, Delmar said... Delmar, who noted Mobley satisfied federal background checks as recently as 2008, said he also worked at other plants in the region.

Of course, in a saner world, the mere fact of being a Muslim would disqualify a person from working in, or having access to, any areas where there is potential to harm people. And there are very few areas of public works were no such potential exists to tempt the fanatically hateful and murderous Muslim.

When the West finally wakes up to that grim reality and necessity, it will have only two ways to handle this problem that threatens its safety: 1) total internment; 2) total deportation. Since the imperative for militant supremacist expansionism is wired into the blueprint of Islam and is only metastasizing in our time due to a confluence and concatenation of factors favorable to the aggrandizement of Muslim strength, and since it is not reasonable to expect, and to bet our safety upon, the apostatization of the vast majority of Muslims, the West will at some point come to this realization. The only question is when, and whether it will do so before, or after, a tragically high number of us are mass-murdered in various places by Muslims.

If it only happens after that point, that tragic number should be seen, in retrospect, as having been unacceptable, and at that point a Neo-Nuremberg Trial process should be set up to try and sentence to prison time all those Western PC MC idiots with influence and power who for so many decades did everything they could to hinder the Great Reawakening of the West. And for those on trial, the Esdrujula Explanation should be deemed an insufficient defense.

On every level of health and power (technology, science, infrastructure, military, education, laws, politics, arts), the West is light years beyond the Muslim world and the Muslim psyche. The West is a lion, and the Muslim world is a little rodent. Currently, the lion sleeps tonight. When the lion wakes up, and notices the bloody wounds the little rat has been busy gnawing away on, it will be lights out for Islam.

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B322 said...

Your writing is crisp, as usual.

Two of the European countries being Islamified the fastest: France and the UK
The only two European countries (outside the former Soviet Union) with nuclear weapons: France and the UK.
My nightmare: well, I guess it's obvious.

Nothing wrong with being hopeful, though. The French and Britons aren't stupid, after all. I will pray for a Geert Wilders for every free country.