Saturday, January 27, 2007

The 10 Commandments of PC Multi-Culturalism

As I have reiterated countless times on my blog, the West’s myopia and inertia in the face of the Problem of Islam is explained by the mainstream sociopolitical dominance of PC Multiculturalism
—a mainstream dominance that has prevailed throughout the West for at least the past half century, affecting the hearts and minds of nearly everybody on the political spectrum (Right, Left and Center) and nearly everybody on the socioeconomic spectrum (ordinary folks as much as those nefarious Elites).

But what does this explanation clarify, exactly?

I have taken a stab here and there at palpating the precise contours and structure of this explanation. Today, I will attempt an articulation of a definitive schematic—a new Ten Commandments that, in the modern West, augment or modify, if they do not supplant, those of old.

The Ten Commandments of Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism (with regard to Islam)

1) Thou Shalt Never Criticize Islam Itself.

2) Thou Shalt Only Criticize a Small Minority of Extremists Who Are Trying to Hijack Islam.

3) Thou Shalt Never Use Islam or anything centrally Islamic to Explain the Motivations of that Small Minority of Extremists.

4) Thou Shalt Furthermore Locate the Roots of the Motivations of that Small Minority wholly in Modern Geopolitical and Economic Dislocations Ultimately Caused by the West.

5) Thou Shalt Blame the West, Ultimately, for All of the Ills of the World.

6) Thou Shalt Never Blame Third World People or Third World Nations for Any Corruptions, Incompetence, or Evils They May Seem to Commit.

7) Thou Westerners Shalt Subject Your West—and Particularly Americato Much Broader and Deeper Criticism than Thou Dost Subject Any Other Culture.

8) Thou Shalt Never Say Any Culture is Better or Worse Than Any Other Culture.

9) Thou Shalt Always Say That Western Culture—Particularly American Culture—is Worse Than Non-Western Cultures.

[Note: Commandment 9 abrogates Commandment 8]

10) Thou Westerners Shalt Tend in Thine Cynicism and Pessimism and Pathological Self-Criticism to Suspect in Western Progress Not Any Overall Wonders of Good Growth and Progress but Only Signs of Ultimately Corrupt Hypocrisy; and Thou Shalt Divide into Two Campsthe First Being the Camp Who Would Like to Believe in the Overall Wonders and Beneficence and Superiority of the West but Who Are Too Embarrassed to Proclaim it From the Rooftops and Act Accordingly, and the Second Being Those Who Harbor a Deeper Desire to Work in One Way or Another For the Perennial Struggle of the True Believers in Utopian Revolution Who Will Someday, Perhaps in League with Islam, Liberate the Eternally Guilty Conscience and Shame of Thine Western Selves by Liberating Non-Western Peoples of the World From the West that Oppresses Them and that has Oppressed Them from the Beginning.

And This Is the Truth of Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism—True in Spite of the Relativism of Truth in which We Believe. And Thus Spake the Public Conscious of the Modern Western Worldview.


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