Saturday, May 24, 2008

Reminder to my readers: “Jihad Watch Watch” retired and archived.

My other blog, Jihad Watch Watch, which began fairly quietly and tentatively a year ago on May 15, 2007, has fulfilled its main mission—to point out and analyze certain important flaws in the approach of Jihad Watch and its principal writers, Robert Spencer and Hugh Fitzgerald.

If another aspect of the mission of my recently retired blog was to maintain a vigilance (hence, a “watch”) about the perpetually renewing reappearance of those flaws, that was seen to be less important. Any intelligent reader will assume that those flaws will continue to be repeated; and I hope will agree that the analyses, if not the last word, contribute important criticisms and felicitously provided me a springboard from which to delve into broader issues revolving around the problem of Islam.

While I will heretofore resist the temptation, every time I see Spencer or Fitzgerald yet again egregiously err, to take mouse in hand and construct yet another analysis of it, the day that I see either of them reverse themselves in a clear and unambiguous way with regard to any of those flaws—should it occur before Jahannam freezes over—will be the day I mention it here on The Hesperado, with congratulations and champagne all around and a squib or two.

Otherwise, my readers can assume that Jihad Watch Watch is from this point forward retired, and may consider its 136 essays about various flavors and permutations of defects in the Jihad Watch project as a fund of archives.

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