Friday, September 12, 2008

A good quote on the problem of PC MC

In the comments section of an
article at Jihad Watch (where Robert Spencer once again throws under the bus practically the only people in Europe who are forthrightly and courageously standing up against Islamto wit, those he smears without evidence as fascists), a commenter Ive never seen before posts a nice summation of the quintessence of the problem of politically correct multi-culturalism and how that is interfering with the Wests rational response to the menace of Islam:

The left would never put up with the ideas of Islam and the attitudes of its followers if they were white, it's as simple as that.

They'd be out screaming fascist before you could say "who stole my jackboots."

It's this revering of ethnicity above being white, by loathsome self hating Marxists in their many guises that have caused this atmosphere of speech strangulation, as they're constant doublespeak and intolerance continually muddies the waters of resistance.

The fact that parties like the BNP are on the rise is precisely because of the perceived inequality of the way ethnics of all persuasions are treated, with housing, income support, and preferential treatment over whites. The media's shameful collusion in this is not helping matters.

So although Islam isn't a race, it's because its followers are Arabs and Asians that its been cut so much slack.

I was brought up to be dead old fashioned, and to believe that skin colour doesn't matter. With the grovelling politicians who allow mass immigration from the third world, I'm forced to conclude I was brought up incorrectly, skin colour is the only thing that matters.

Posted by: Ian at September 12, 2008 5:34 PM

The only reservation I have with
Ian here is that this is not merely a problem with the left and “Marxists as he seems to imply: this problem is much deeper and broader than that, for the PC MC disease has infected most of those on the right and those in the center as well; though certainly Leftists are significantly more diseased than the others. And as I have argued in previous essays, Leftists have in certain respects won a cultural victory throughout the West, in that their Leftism has become dominant and mainstream—albeit in a “Lite” form: the form, namely, known as PC MC.

So in certain respects, Leftists are to blame; but, on the other hand, the majority on the right and in the center cannot be excused for having swallowed the
“Lite” form of Leftism over the past 50 years, nor for having excreted steaming piles of it all over our Body Politic (Bush’s recent Ramadan address comes to mind here).

Ian is trenchantly correct that the anti-“racist” agenda of Reverse Racism is at the very heart of this whole bloody travesty.


randian said...

The right hasn't so much swallowed it as

a) being cowed by mass media who slam them if they don't obey it
b) being schooled in government schools that teach nothing but it
c) running government populated by employees who worship it

If the right really made an effort to destroy it, I think they'd lose.

Erich said...


The right still has no excuse.