Friday, October 03, 2008

We’re all racists—except when we’re not

Just when I thought the pretzel-logic couldnt twist anymore, I see a new twist from Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch:

Recently I spoke with Geert Wilders about this conference in Jerusalem, and he asked me to be there. I plan to be. Meanwhile, watch for the video of my interview with Wilders, coming very soon.

. . . [Wilders] is teaming up with Knesset Member Prof. Aryeh Eldad (National Union) for the Jerusalem convention, where he vowed "no racist organizations will be allowed."

How will
racistbe defined? Will supporters of Gates of Vienna be rejected? Or Filip Dewinters? Or the brave individuals of the pro-Cologne movement?

What a brave new world this is, when the very same people who are fighting against the tendentious and irrational abuse of the term racist are themselves so wielding it, out of fear of those they otherwise criticize for doing so!

According to the new pretzel logic, Gates of Vienna supporters will simultaneously be not allowed, and supported—without acknowledging the inconsistency! And the Gates of Vienna supporters will return the favor!

For the love of God and common sense, guys, knock it off already! This isn
’t a tree-house club of 11-year-olds with secret handshakes for crying out loud!

Update: Yet another twist of the pretzel:

Robert Spencer, writing against the unfair use of the term
white nationalist to smear people:

There is an obnoxious tendency these days to overplay the guilt by association card.

If someone doubts that someone else is a white nationalist, he is ipso facto a white nationalist himself.

If I was at a party with someone accused of being a white nationalist, then I must be one also.

But this is precisely what Spencer has done to Filip Dewinter, Vlaams Belang, and the pro-Cologne people! George Orwell must be doing cartwheels in his grave!

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