Friday, November 14, 2008

Bit off more than I could chew?

Back in August of this year, I started a companion blog to this one, titled Hesperado Sound Bites. I created it because more and more, I found myself having brief thoughts I wanted to publish, but didnt want to post them here at The Hesperado, because in my mind this has always been a place for me to unwind in a more detailed, thoughtful, expansive and verbose manner.

Most blogs seem to generate daily pot-shots, usually rather brief, or sometimes they might intersperse them with a long essay now and then.
The Hesperado, by contrast, was never meant to be daily nor bulletinesquely concise: whenever a new essay appears, it usually has been intensive in length and complexity.

In addition, I have been at The Hesperado a stickler for typographical aesthetics, andto take one examplesince I havent figured out how to type curved apostrophes and quote marks, I find myself having to painstakingly insert them in manually as I comb through the rough drafts in my proofreading and editing stages. For such aesthetics, as well as for more general concerns of linguistic and philosophical refinement, my essays here have often gone through several meticulous drafts before being finalized.

Hesperado Sound Bites was meant to provide me a place to just dash off stuff—mostly related to the same subject matterwithout worrying about such laborious and time-consuming fine-tuning.

After two or three initial posts there, it seemed that, ironically, I didnt have time to keep it up. More recently however, I have resumed it. I cannot promise the reader that its second wind will stay afloat this time, and it will still not be a daily log like most blogsbut I will give it a try.

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