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The PC MC Paradigm

 PC MC stands for Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist.

The following is a delineation and analysis of general features of the PC MC paradigm. A more specific presentation of its actual content will be the subject of an essay in the near future.

1. The West has developed the PC MC paradigm to be the reigning paradigm of sociology, politics, culture and worldview, whenever the West interacts with the non-West and, closely related to this, whenever whites interact with non-whites.

2. As can be inferred, the
“PC” part of “PC MC”—i.e., politically correct—denotes a broader sociopolitical phenomenon which shares many of the features of its subcategory, but also includes others that are not in the purview of this essay here. 

3. This development has not been the result of a conscious plan with conscious direction by some Macchiavellian cabal of “elites”. Rather, it reflects an amorphous process of a sociopolitical and cultural sea change in Western consciousness: a paradigm shift in worldview, that has, in varying degrees and flavors, profoundly influenced the hearts and minds of millions of ordinary people along with their “elites”.

4. Its mainstream dominance has lasted over 50 years, since the end of WWII, with roots going further back to the psychic, philosophical and sociopolitical dislocations caused by WWI—and with other more amorphous cultural roots going back further beyond that date into the 19th century, the 18th century, and even further back in Western history.

5. This mainstream dominance, however, has not been chronologically uniform: it is stronger now than it was approximately 50 years ago. Its prevalence and dominance has been increasing steadily over the decades.

6. Also, it has not enjoyed a monolithic monarchy: there have been tensions and frictions that exemplified attempts, with some ambiguous successes and often complex failures, to challenge that hegemony—or more modestly simply to carve out some breathing space for alternative,
“politically incorrect” viewpoints. These attempts have mostly emanated from a few conservatives here and there and now and then in America, as well as from a similarly small minority of those labelled “far right” in Europe and the U.K. (The phenomenon of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s represents probably the only major exception to the rule of the mainstream dominance of PC MC.) The depth and breadth of that mainstream hegemony can be seen in, among innumerable other examples one could adduce, the fact that a Republican President (George Bush) succumbed seamlessly to the PC MC view of Islam as a “great and noble religion of peace” and added insult to injury by extolling American Muslims as the best thing for America since sliced cheese.

7. This reigning PC MC paradigm grew upon (or rather was accelerated by) the epochal historical process of the philosophical, legal and political dismantling of the structures of Western Colonialism.

8. While the PC MC paradigm grew out of (or was accelerated by) that process of the dismantling of Western Colonialism, it has not at all abandoned the “racism” implicit in the worldview of the ancien r
égime that was dismantled: it has simply reconstructed the former distinction between Us (the white West) and Them (the non-white Rest of the World, aka the Third World). I.e., it has replaced racism—both actual racism as well as racialism falsely maligned as “racism”with reverse racism.

9. The axiom of reverse racism which forms the cornerstone of the PC MC paradigm directly affects how the adherents of PC MC regard Islam and Muslims. Since the vast majority of Muslims are non-white non-Westerners, they instantly become privileged members of an
“ethnic” culture, and as such, they are accorded an irrationally excessive degree of deference, respect and protection by the adherents of PC MC. This irrationality, furthermore, becomes intensified, not undermined, the more that Muslims do and say outrageously intolerant, hateful and even violent things. I.e., the more that Muslims exemplify the evil, injustice and menace of their ideology, the more the PC MC adherents bend over backwards to respect and protect Muslims and Islam. There is a logic to this irrational reflex on the part of PC MC adherents: for, the more that Muslims demonstrate reasons why we should condemn them and take proactive measures against them in the interest of our self-defense, the more the PC MC adherents fear that a collective “bigotry” and “racism” is being given justification to then proceed down the “slippery slope” toward collective actions against Muslims—including mass internment, mass deportation, and genocide.

10. The flip side of the coin of reverse racism in the PC MC paradigm is excessive criticism
—often blending into condemnation—of the West. One concrete effect of this, among many which could be adduced, pertains specifically to the last sentence of #9 above: the “slippery slope” toward collective state crimes against a people—including most grimly genocidewhich is so feared by PC MC adherents is virtually always framed as a Western tendency against a non-Western people. Even two entirely reasonable (albeit tragic) collective measures which the West had to take for its self-defense during World War Two—the internment of Japanese-Americans and the bombing of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children (both in the fire-bombing of German and Japanese cities and in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki)—are too often framed as “racist” and “genocidal” in the general pop-cultural ambiance of PC MC. In the irrational climate of this ambiance, and coupled with the irrational deference for Muslims as non-white non-Westerners, the tendency is strong throughout the West, in the thrall of PC MC, to try to proactively inhibit—if not positively demonizeany discussion of the mountain of evidence that provides reasons for any number of collective actions we should take to protect ourselves from the menace of Islam.

11. Through the mechanisms of PC MC, Muslims have become the most fashionable—and therefore most protected, respected and whitewashed—Third World people of the entire world. Muslims, in the PC MC paradigm, have become the “poster children” of the Third World. While this process was already underway prior to 911, it has only intensified since 911 (again according to the perversely paradoxical rule we noted in points #8, #9 and #10 above). Additionally, this privileged status of Muslims has tended to be intimately tied to the increasingly anti-Israel attitudes inherent to PC MC, something PC MC has inherited from its matrix of Leftism, with an anti-Semitism more or less lurking therein.

12. The ability for PC MC to become dominant and mainstream throughout the West over the past 50-odd years has depended upon the attenuation and softening of the virulence of its anti-Western antipathy
—without, however, significantly undermining the essential substance of this antipathy. The radical Leftist roots of PC MC have, through PC MC, become a “Leftism Lite”—and this is one of the major keys of its enormous success in converting the hearts and minds even of the majority of those on the Right and Center.

13. This process of the
“decaffeination”, so to speak, of the virulence and radicalism of the Leftist matrix of PC MC has engendered a rather complex ideological incoherence and self-contradiction, whereby its millions of adherents can have their cake of essentially bashing their own West (and irrationally extolling the non-West) while continuing to eat their enjoyment of, and even supportive participation in, the benefits of that same West. In this important sense, PC MC adherents are not as blatantly anti-Western as radical Leftists, and even for the most part seem perfectly “moderate” and even Centrist. But at the end of the day, and particularly with regard to the single most important menace that faces the West today—Islam—they serve to perpetuate and solidify the obstacles that hinder the West from rationally dealing with this menace.

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