Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And now for something slightly different

To my readers now, and any new ones that come along:

I am going to try a change in style here. Up till now, I have been, for the most part, crafting long and meticulously detailed analyses that take me a long time to compose and edit. As a result, my blog has not really been a “blog” in the strict sense (as I pointed out in an old essay, A Quick Memo to my Readers, near the start of my Hesperado career), where the blogger posts shorter thoughts on a daily basis.

I think I’ve pretty much exhausted long detailed topics that require analysis: the West is PC MC and Islam is bad. I’ve looked at this twin problem from pretty much every angle throughout my 264 essays to date.

So from now on, I will post shorter thoughts, at least one per day.

My penchant for the long detailed analyses has inhibited me from posting in the shorter style, because I have trained myself to avoid posting anything that isn’t meticulously attentive to all the complexities of the subject at hand. From now on, I will try to suppress that tendency of mine. This doesn’t mean I may not post a long detailed analysis now and then, at some time in the future; it only means such pieces will be rare, and the shorter ones will become the norm.

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