Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pam Geller: off the deep end

Pam Geller never met a Muslim victim she didn’t want to make into a human rights cause celebre. Over the months, she has wept tears for the Muslim victims of honor killings as though they were her own flesh and blood. On the contrary, we only have the time and energy to mourn and protect our own.

More recently, she has taken up the cause of the Iranian People with a fervor befitting a supporter of the American Revolution.

Then today, I see she praises former President George “Islam is a great religion of peace” Bush.

Interestingly, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has seen fit to utilize her reports and analyses of the Iranian crisis, but has completely ignored the far more perspicacious ones of Diana West. And recently he has exculpated the cries of Allahu akbar among the crowds of those Iranian People on the basis of the supremely and asininely preposterous argument that this cry has its context in the 1979 Revolution!

And both Spencer and Geller have elevated the death of Iranian protestor Neda Soltani to the level of Martyr Who Symbolizes the Freedom and Liberty of the Iranian People. As extra spice, they have recently found out she was a Christian
but they were already endowing her with that hagiographic role when they merely thought she was a tragically young and pretty Westernized Muslim Iranian cut down in her prime while protesting a cruel Muslim regime.

But I, being a mere peon and peasant of the still inchoate Anti-Islam Movement (still inchoate in great part because Spencer refuses to be “anti-Islam”), have little to do or say in this matter.

At any rate, for what it’s worth, I would relegate Pam Geller to the Daniel Pipes Hall of Fame—i.e., outside of the proper business of the Anti-Islam Movement. She has crossed the thin blue line and taken the plunge off the asymptotic deck and into the deep blue waters of PC MC. Unforunately for her, no PC MCs will throw her a life-saver for the trouble she has gone to, to wring her hands in humane compassion for so many Muslims around the world.


Nobody said...

Thankfully, we still have voices of sanity in the equally, if not more perspicacious Debbie Schlussel!!!

"I'm laughing at you, along with the Islamic world. You've voluntarily colored yourself with allegiance to them. It would be hilarious, if it wasn't so sad and boneheaded. By projecting "democracy," "freedom," and a "free Iran" onto Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who reflects none of these and taking up his green stuff, you're actually saying you are with the Muslim world. That's what green means, but apparently you don't know . . . and more importantly, don't care.

Are you that clueless? Do you not know that green is the color of Islam? Militant Islam? How does it feel to wear the same color as the lights of the Empire State Building when it honored Ramadan? Are you that ignorant or do you not realize that you're signifying your unity with the Saudi flag, the HAMAS flag, the green on the Hezbollah flag, and the green that's on virtually every Islamic nation's flags?

Erich said...

Thanks Nobody -- as you can see, the fine Schlussel rant inspired my next blog essay.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

One of the most insane things about AtlasShrug,s in my opinion, is indeed how Pam Geller peddles her BDS (Bush Delusion Syndrome) like it's really something that has any basis in the real world, while any criticism of George "I love holding hands with the Saudi King" Bush is dismissed right away as BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome.)

Bush gladly followed in the footsteps of most of his 20th-Century predecessors in licking those bedouins' sandals; and, in that sense, he was as meretricious as them in putting what's best for Saudi Opensewerabia before what's best for America. Now, how does that amount to truly caring about the US interests? I guess it's a question that Atlas would just shrug off...

Erich said...


I agree with you 100%.