Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A million Americans say taxes are more important than Islam

This picture speaks a million words. And those million words can be boiled down to 8:

Americans care about their pocketbooks, not about Islam.

As the Daily Mail put it:

As many as one million people flooded into Washington for a massive rally organised by conservatives claiming that President Obama is driving America towards socialism.

Why havent we seen a comparable rally against Islam? The logical answer to that disheartening question is that the Anti-Islam Movement remains marginalso marginal it cannot, or will not, muster any kind of a march on Washington, even eight years after 9/11, let alone the Million Man March that should be expected of it. Indeed, a recent Pew poll found that The percentage of Americans who believe Islam encourages violence has declined in recent years. . .

Meanwhile, American Muslims are planning a Washington
prayer rally of their own for September 25, at which tens of thousands are expected to attend.


Mannning said...

This is simply not on the mark. All big issues must be tackled one at a time, not simultaneously. We have a President and a Congress that has raised the concerns of the public for the very existence of the nation, with a projected 17 Trillion dollar debt by 2019.

With the nation on a sand foundation now, other battles must await some sense of solidity and self-preservation at home for the people to extend themselves to yet another round of, yes, an existential fight with Islam.

Leaderless AIM, as has been discussed extensively on this blog, does not have such a bully pulpit as Obama and the Congressional leaders have, and the perception is, therefore, that Islam itself is not a serious target for US concern, or else we should have had far more attention to Islam by the so-called leaders by now.

However, the sentiment being thrust forward here is definitely on the mark. The public is not aware of the dangers they face here in America in the near future, and do not want to own up to it either.

Hesperado said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad those million gathered to show opposition to Obama. It's just that it shows so massively the contrast to what should be done also, and what could have been done any given year for the past 8 years. There was as much need to march on Washington in 2002 as there is now; or, put another way, each year that passes makes the deplorable lack of interest in the American people concerning the problem of Islam seem even worse, because more time has passed for people to have assimilated the information by now.

There's always hope, though, and maybe we'll see a rally in the near future. I hate to think it will only be because of another attack.

Mannning said...

I wrote in the past that we will most likely have to lose a city and its people, or perhaps two or more, before Americans will get the message about Islam. We may have to see one or more nations in Europe go down also.

Of course, there will still be idiots that will excuse Islam because they think it is a small minority of Muslims that is the problem. The two troubles with that are: we can't readily find that minority in the seething masses of Muslims; and, any Muslim becomes a terrorist when called upon to do so by their leaders, or he isn't a Muslim at all.

Granting all of this, I still believe that the American people will wake up, and will fight their way out of the problem, sooner or later.

It is horrifying to think that we will have to lose a lot to get to this point, but, barring some other event or set of events as yet unknown that turns us around, we are far too ignorant and placid about Islam to fight it well inside the nation for the next decade or so.

Mannning said...

The image in our heads is one of white-robed insurrectionists pumping rounds from their AK-47s at our troops. An enemy in far off lands that most of us couldn't even spell, such as Afghanistan, much less tell you what their bordering nations are. The idea that such actions could take place in the US on the scale it has in Iraq, is simply unthinkable.

We are used to strange or all too familiar minorities acting up occasionally, and being settled down with a bit of police action, some government help, and the right pressures. This misguided attitude is highly dangerous in the case of Islam.

Mannning said...

After a little reflection, I may have realized the more scary scenario. Suppose there isn't a massive attack on the US or a few cities, but continued immigration and birthings of Muslims till we are over the ten percent level. Recall that Russia was taken over by the communists with only ten percents of the population in its ranks.

No big bangs to wake us up till too late.

Hesperado said...

Mannning, I'm not sure if only 10% were able to effect the Russian Revolution successfully. At any rate, the circumstances were significantly different. Russia had been recently invaded by the German army; and Russia was far inferior in many ways to America now; and finally, the takeover wasn't by non-violent "stealth" but by massive violence in the form of a violent civil war.

Mannning said...

Right you are! I am suggesting, however, that the stealth approach cannot achieve a bloodless coup in America, because there are simply far too many of us that are armed and willing to fight for the survival of the nation.

There would be a realization of the threat by the citizenry and a forceful reaction at some point, hopefully long before open conflict would break out, but most likely not.

This is despite what would be serious blocks against the formation of militias or minutemen or vigilantes, or what have you?

It would be bloody, that is for sure.