Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Stealth Jihad Watch

I have written previously here about the analytical incoherence of the Stealth Jihad analysis by Robert Spencer and Hugh Fitzgerald.  That incoherence, or plain ineptitude, revolves around one central error -- namely, the failure to notice the intimate and necessary symbiosis between Stealth Jihad and Violent Jihad.

Building upon this error of disconnecting Stealth Jihad from Violent Jihad, they exacerbate it by regularly repeating the mantra that Stealth Jihad is more dangerous than Violent Jihad.

And finally, Spencer and Fitzgerald remain incognizant of the crucial role of Western PC MC in having produced a sociopolitical atmosphere conducive to, and therefore enabling, Stealth Jihad -- a sociopolitical atmosphere without which Stealth Jihad would be unable to flourish as much as it does.

All this, however, is not the main reason for today's post.  I realized recently that Spencer and Fitzgerald  of Jihad Watch pursue a sort of mirror-image of the Stealth Jihad/Violent Jihad symbiosis.  Let us recall that this symbiosis requires two things:

1)  PC MC ignorance of the problem of Islam

2)  a Good Cop/Bad Cop strategy (the "Good Cop" being the "moderate Muslim" able to pursue jihad in stealth within the West; the "Bad Cop" being the violent jihadist and/or the extremist Muslim who candidly admits the violent supremacism of Islam).

Of course, Spencer and Fitzgerald are not guilty of a PC MC ignorance of the problem of Islam.  It is, rather, #2 that their overall presentation of "watching Jihad" seems to reflect. 

More precisely and specifically, Spencer and Fitzgerald pursue a two-track presentation:

a) they repeatedly imply that Stealth Jihad is disconnected from Violent Jihad, while they repeatedly insist that Stealth Jihad is more dangerous than Violent Jihad;


b) they repeatedly--day after day, weeks after week, month after month-- call their readers' attention to myriad instances in the news of Violent Jihad.

Either incoherently, or disingenuously, what seems to be going on with (a) and (b) is that Spencer and Fitzgerald are using, or exploiting, the ongoing metastasis of news about Violent Jihad in order to continue galvanizing the support and participation of the community of Jihad Watchers -- even while they, Spencer and Fitzgeral, otherwise insist that Stealth Jihad is more dangerous than Violent Jihad and thereby imply a disconnection of the necessary link between Violent Jihad and Stealth Jihad. 

What is needed from them, whenever the issue of Stealth Jihad comes up,  is a clear and unambiguous articulation of the intimate and necessary nexus between Violent Jihad and Stealth Jihad, and how that nexus works through the Good Cop/Bad Cop tactic -- which, in turn, is crucially facilitated by Western PC MC.