Friday, May 14, 2010

The Pretzel Logic of PC MC

A Catholic school -- the Ellesmere Port Catholic High School in Ellesmere Port, a town near Liverpool, in Cheshire, England -- recently enforced a mandatory field trip to a mosque, and as part of that trip, enforced the mandatory donning of the hijab on the Catholic girls in question. In a letter to those parents who protested this absurd policy, the school wrote:

"...the school is REQUIRED to promote tolerance..."

This reminds me of an interestingly asymmetrical convolution that may be palpated in discerning the differences between PC MC and rational Western superiority:

In the tortured logic of the PC MC mind: (Our) tolerance of (Islamic) intolerance is required; which means that the West may not tolerate an intolerance (1) of intolerance (2) -- where 1 is Western and 2 is Islamic: and at the same time it means that the West must be intolerant (1) of intolerance (2) -- where 1 is Western and 2 represents our fellow Westerners who refuse to tolerate Islamic intolerance.

So, to sum up: according to PC MC, intolerance is okay, as long as it is:

a) Islamic


b) Western when we Westerners direct it at ourselves (and our fellow Westerners) if we smell the slightest bit of intolerance against Islamic intolerance.

And by the same token, tolerance is always okay, with the two exceptions implied above:

a) we must not expect tolerance from Muslims if anything resembling intolerance -- as measured by Western values -- is deemed to be part of their culture/religion


b) we must not tolerate any Westerners among us who might tolerate the intolerance that will not tolerate the intolerance of Islam.

The logic behind all these pretzel convolutions in PC MC is rooted in the closely intertwined principles of

1) Reverse Racism (where Muslims are perceived to be an Ethnic People or a wonderfully diverse Rainbow of Ethnic Peoples)


2) Excessive Self-Criticism of our own West.

And, needless to say, the logic wouldn't contort itself into these convolutions, were Islamic culture essentially tolerant and progressive. But PC MCs, when they confront an Ethnic Culture that enshrines and practices various outrages against Western liberal values, are forced by the two principles of #1 and #2 above to throw our Western liberal values under the bus, in favor of the Ethnic Culture in question -- no matter how outrageously illiberal that Ethnic Culture might be. And Islamic culture more than any other non-Western culture now or throughout history perhaps, tests the resiliency of PC MC with regard to this principle of tolerance of the intolerant, where the intolerant is a designated Ethnic Culture which ipso facto must be tolerated and respected -- even when this tolerance of ours cannot help but accommodate words and deeds monstrously illiberal.

So far, we continue to witness the grotesquely amazing resiliency of PC MC all around us, as Muslims keep testing it with their various and sundry outrages day after day against justice, decency, common sense, public order, intellect, laws, liberal values, human rights, divine principles -- and most of all, against other innocent men, women and children.

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