Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The ball

From a news report today following up on the 20-year-old apparent convert to Islam, Zachary Chesser, who had death-threatened creators of
South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone:

During the FBI's investigation, agents found a "hand-written document" titled "How to Destroy the West," Justice Department lawyer John Gibbs told the presiding judge at the time. The document, allegedly written by Chesser, discussed ways of attacking the United States and other countries, including cyber-attacks, vehicles filled with explosives, and the bio-agent ricin, Gibbs said.

And let us not forget Chesser's

... at least two alleged attempts ... to join Al Shabab, which has been fighting to establish a strict Muslim state in Somalia and has pledged its allegiance to Usama bin Laden...

and indications that:

... Chesser communicated several times with Anwar Awlaki, the U.S.-born cleric tied to several recent terrorist plots inside the United States...

And people in the still inchoate anti-Islam movement still believe in the viable existence, in sufficient numbers, of the harmless Muslim?

Think carefully now, reader. What does not believing in the viable existence, in sufficient numbers, of the harmless Muslim mean?

You're not thinking carefully enough.

Keep trying.

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