Monday, December 13, 2010

Robert Spencer slights Bostom again: Roland Shirk got the memo

Does Spencer think nobody notices these things? (Well, he might be right -- about just about everybody.) Or does he think nobody cares? (Well...)

Today on Jihad Watch, in an article by infrequent contributor "Roland Shirk" concerning a recent New York Times story on new (and not-so-new) facts about the Nazi-Muslim connection during and after WW2, Shirk notes near the end the inevitable slant of the New York Times toward the spurious conclusion that virulent antisemitism has no roots in Islam and was an alien influence from German Nazis -- and thus, of course, the hope for an enduring peace between Israel and her neighbors (not to mention between the world and Muslims) becomes real.

In briefly correcting this flagrant, and all-too common, misconception, Shirk writes:

As readers of this site, and the works of Bat Ye'or and Robert Spencer (among many others) know, this is mere wishful thinking.

Actually, readers of Jihad Watch know that Shirk conspicuously failed to mention Andrew Bostom, whose compendium --
The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism -- while perhaps not uniquely authoritative, is a sufficiently serious and substantive contribution to this neglected area of study to warrant, at the very least, a de rigueur hat tip each and every time this subtopic is mentioned anywhere.

Now, I wonder why it wasn't mentioned here?

And Shirk's parenthetically vague tilt in the general vicinity of "many others" simply won't do.

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The last time this happened, it was Spencer himself, not his proxy, doing the slighting:

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Nobody said...

I wonder which work of RS focuses on Islamic or Muslim Judeophobia, the way Yeor or Boston does? Sure, he talks about what Mohammed thought about the Jews, but aside from that, I don't recall any book of his where that was the main subject matter.

So which book is Shirk referring to?

Hesperado said...

I think I've figured out the secret behind the Gentlemen's Club:

It was Robert Spencer who really wrote The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: However, one dark and stormy night some years ago, in a castle high atop a craggy cliff overlooking the frigid swells of the Atlantic Ocean, Andrew Bostom, who was one of several guests of the Spencer Mansion that winter, awoke in the dead of night unable to go back to sleep. So he put on his robe and proceeded to go downstairs to the kitchen to find a cup of milk, or better yet, sherry. There being so many hallways in the Spencer Mansion, however, he lost his way, then thought he heard some untoward scuffling behind one particular door. He stopped and listened closer and heard a glass shatter. He nudged the door ajar and peered inside and saw Spencer with a bloody knife in hand, kneeling over the apparently dead body of Johnny Carson. Bostom, ever prepared, snapped a picture of it with his cellphone and ducked out before Spencer could see who he was.

The next morning, he blackmailed Spencer: He, Andrew Bostom, was going to take credit and money for The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, and if Spencer breathed a word of it, he would tell the police of his dastardly deed the night before.