Sunday, January 09, 2011

More additions to my blogroll

On the suggestion of a reader, I decided to add Hugh Fitzgerald's "day job" --
the New English Review (now his only virtual job, after he left Robert Spencer's blog Jihad Watch under odd and, naturally, mysterious circumstances) -- to my blogroll. Aside from being one of those publications that eschews the "The", New English Review is one of those community blogs with several other bloggers whom I don't know that well, other than Andrew Bostom (and somewhat confusingly including a blog-within-a-blog, The Iconoclast).

At the same time, I recalled that one of my reader's favorite bloggers is Debbie Schlussel, and though I don't visit her blog daily, I find her tart chutzpah -- directed in more or less the right direction Islamwards -- refreshing, and so have added hers as well. Schlussel's site also has an important advantage over the New English Review in that her posts accrue a high volume of comments (indeed, it seems she gets more comments than Jihad Watch).

That I find Fitzgerald -- and probably others on his blog (I randomly selected one writer there, "Samir Yousif", whose article, "Theoretical Foundations of Terrorism" contained a glaringly asymptotic cacophemism, "political Islam") -- asymptotic, and that the jury is still out on Schlussel, does not affect my appreciation of their efforts in the grander scheme of the still inchoate anti-Islam movement. Ideological differences, or even personal differences (viz., the memory of Fitzgerald's prickly ripostes to me and threats to have me banned) are not, in my mind, grounds for withholding a blog link on a blog roll. Unlike Robert Spencer, I don't roll that way.

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