Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Left/Right Polarity, Convergence

Left and Right are not polar extremes on a line, but rather on a circle. Their polarity, as each becomes comparatively extremist, tends to converge
at the same point.

I.e., at a certain point, as Left and Right become ultra-extremist, they become virtually indistinguishable from each other, in terms of an apocalyptic antipathy to all governments controlled by a dastardly cabal of Elites, and a gnostic solution to this "globalism". The irony that each side sees the other as the threat is an irony akin to Shias and Sunnis killing each other. When the polar extremes of Left and Right converge, we have moved onto the plane of gnosticism.

The less extremist they are, then, they tend to diverge
into more or less discernibly distinct positions. If, however, this divergence continues too far, it also may approach a point, on the circle, where diminishing returns, as it were, come into play. Once again, to the extent that both Right and Left approach a point of self-dissolving moderation, their divergence goes full circle, to converge into a kind of mutual Centrism, at the diametric point on the circle opposite from their extremist convergence.

The Centrist convergence tends to dilute the convictions of both Left and Right into a modus vivendi that, at best, pursues faint semblances of those convictions in realistic and pragmatic compromises; and, at worst, dissolves all convictions into a mealy-mouthed and insipid utilitarianism verging on an amoral materialism (albeit robustly parasitic on lasting structures historically dependant upon those same convictions). In this ambit of Centrist convergence may be found PC MC. On some issues, particularly concerning the problem of Islam, PC MC represents the vast majority throughout the West. On the problem of Islam, both Left and Right have tended to melt together into a broad and strong, albeit incoherent, consensus, comfortably squeezing the Center between them (where may be located also that vast swath of the people who remain pleasantly apolitical) into a more or less willing embrace.

The Extremist convergence, on the other hand, tends toward an incoherent anarchism and/or a gnostic utopia
—both dependant, from different angles vectoring in on the same result, upon a pathological suspicion, paranoia and destructive hostility to all historical and extant sociopolitical structures (often positing a heritage in some fantastic underground movement throughout the ages perennially struggling against an equally fantastic super-governmental cabal; viz., perennial rebels against the Masons and/or the “Illuminati or the Jews, or that gold standard of dastardly cabals, the Catholic Church itself; etc.). Both the ultra-extremist Left and the ultra-extremist Right are irrationally anti-Government and anti-Globalist, and often one cannot tell them apart on substance, sometimes even on content (cf., Timothy McVeigh).

Other examples of this convergence of categories verging on fungibility include the puritanically reactionary nature of fundamentalist Islam where, meantime, it is endowed approvingly by Leftists and PC MCs with the aura of a cool ethnic Third World culture, and their paramilitary struggles” (i.e., violent attempts at expansionist colonialism) become freedom-fighting” in the name of resistance against oppression” and occupation”—the latter two being sociopolitical evils of which, in the paradigm of Leftism and PC MC, only the West can be guilty, and of which, therefore, Islam remains innocent as the driven sand.

And let us not forget the Leftist and Socialistic nature of supposedly ultra-right-wing Nazism (for a fine argument of this case, see this

This fungibility of categories, rather than vitiating the applicability of categories altogether—as many a Leftist (at least those who would not sneeringly dismiss it out of hand) would be reflexively tempted to attempt to argue—actually helps to illuminate deeper complexities of their nature and helps to prevent the entire pigeonholing process from ossifying into simplistic and superficial name-calling in the service of ideological tendentiousness. Just as importantly, it can help to expose conventional misunderstandings—couched in inappropriate pigeonholingthat usually have been motivated by ideological demagoguery.

The extremist Left/Right convergence could be termed an arctic polarity, while the centrist Left/Right convergence we could call an antarctic polarity -- though the pleasantly anodyne and warm waters of the latter, in its melting together of Left and Right into a middle muddle of PC MC indicates more the sunny Caribbean clime of an equator: there, North and South converge at the intersection where the latter is streaming North in desperate and parasitic immigration, as the former jaunts South for vacations from reality.

While Muslims stick up Washington...

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