Thursday, March 03, 2011

Communication Problems in the Anti-Islam Movement

In an article Lawrence Auster on his blog titled A Christian student at an American theological seminary was repeatedly told by Muslim students that he deserved to die for being an infidel—and the school did nothing, Lawrence Auster could have benefited from a key piece of information about that particular theological seminary, Hartford Seminary, in Connecticut -- namely, that one of its premier journals in the field of Islamic studies, Muslim World, has for its chief editor a Western convert to Islam, Yahya Michot, who according to the reputable journalist and sociologist Caroline Fourest, has argued (entirely on Islamic grounds, of course) that the massacre of seven Catholic monks in Algeria by a commando unit of Muslims in 1996 was justified according to Islamic law. (Also, another feather in Michot's cap: he's friends with Tariq Ramadan -- you know, that family friend and supporter of the "non-terrorist" organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.)

I could have easily told Lawrence Auster all this, had he not decided long ago out of some weird neurotic tick of his that he didn't want to communicate with me anymore. Or, he could, like any normal blogger, have a comments field where people can contribute important information. Perhaps one of his readers with whom he has privileged email communications might stumble upon this and relay it to him; perhaps not. But no, let's not try to help make the Anti-Islam Movement -- already unduly hampered by difficulties from our surrounding PC MC culture -- run any smoother, Heaven forbid. There are other more important considerations, apparently.

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