Monday, May 02, 2011

The Assassination of Osama bin Laden

Here's my take:

1) For the last decade, Osama bin Laden has been a dual symbol:

a) for Muslims, he is a heroic symbol of the reinvigoration, after three centuries of humiliating deterioration, of Islam's perennial Jihad against the world in order to try to conquer it, which in turn will bring about the Last Days promised by Allah and His Prophet.

b) for the West, Osama is an emblematic symbol of the TMOE -- the Tiny Minority of Extremists who are trying to hijack the great religion of peace, Islam -- and of our misguided and myopic War Against the Wrong Target.

This assassination thus reinforces the grievously wrongheaded, wasteful and reckless "success" of our misguided War.

2) Our problem and perilous predicament is not merely al Qaeda, not merely "Wahhabism", not merely "Salafism", not merely "Extremism", not merely "Fundamentalism", not merely "Radicalization of Youths": it is Islam and all the Muslims who enable Islam (and how many Muslims
don't enable Islam, and how would we know who and where they are with sufficient accuracy?)

3) Osama should not have been assassinated: he should have been captured alive, taken to an offshore island, and tortured (using a whole variety of creative psychological tortures exploiting his Islamic fanaticism, such as, for example, forcing him to take shits on a Koran), in order to try to gain at least some of the copiously valuable intel he no doubt possessed in his diseased brain.

4) This commando operation (like something out of that excellently taut (but, alas, thoroughly PC MC) TV show The Unit
-- starring that black actor by the way who, on the show 24, played the first black American President), directly overseen by Obama, boosts his re-election chances tremendously, and will make it that much harder for a Republican challenger to win. (I don't think we should even try to challenge Obama's re-election anyway, since the only worthy candidate currently would be Allen West, and he's not ready yet: he needs more time to marshal an effective campaign which will take years of careful media orchestration as well as the important ingredient of more experience put in as a U.S. Congressman.)


rajum16 said...

thnk 4 the inmformation, it is very important for every muslim to understand the heroic symbol he was and not as enemy as most of west countries take, inshallah may Allah place him in a better place! Ameen

Nobody said...


I certainly hope that every Muslim makes it clear to the rest that they are followers of Osama, so that there is not even enough sand for people to bury their heads in.


I'm glad that he was killed, and I'd rather use the term 'executed' rather than 'assassinated', which makes it look like killing that person was morally the wrong thing to do. Both of us know that there is no way that he would have been bodily defiled the way you were hoping for - remember, these are the people who make the Gitmo guards use gloves while handling the Qur'ans. Also, we'd have been subjected to the spectacle of Osama's trial being turned into an OJ like circus, and Osama getting a reduced sentence like what happened w/ Jose Padilla.

So I'm pretty happy w/ what happened. Also note that this was a high risk operation, given that there was that possibility of Osama escaping, and also, given that Pakistan was kept in the dark, the US forces didn't even have the assurance of backup: the same situation as that of Ray Davis could have threatened to visit them.

Given these circumstances, killing him was indeed the right thing to do, and his body was also disposed of properly. I'd have cremated him b4 scattering his remains over the sea, and am a bit surprised that they'd have thrown a cadaver into the sea just like that. But aside from that, they've left no shrines for people like rajum16 to visit, so despite one's reservations about Obama, full credit to him for this move!!!

Hesperado said...


Did you earlier post a quote from Debbie Schlussel? Or am I losing my mind?

I could have sworn you posted a quote from her, then I posted a response. That was several hours ago. An outside user such as yourself cannot delete your own comment without a phrase appearing "Comment deleted by author" -- only I can make a comment vanish without a visible trace, and I know I didn't make yours (or mine) vanish. Ergo, Google/Blogger must have come in and deleted our comments.

Is Schlussel's post still up?

Hesperado said...


On my word "assassination", I am using it in the non-PC way it used to be used when the C.I.A. went about assassinating key enemy individuals without apology (but with necessary secrecy).

On the unlikeliness of my torture scenario, of course you're right: I'm just articulating what should have been done, not what would have been done.

Nobody said...


I did post a quote in your essay - the aim of the AIM. And yeah, her essay is still up, - it's the first of her stories on the topic. Even if it wasn't on pg 1, it'd be in the archives.

Nobody said...

P.S. I had posted that there b4 you posted this essay, or else, I'd have posted that here instead.

Anonymous said...

You're probably right that this operation boosts Obama's chance at re-election, but it will also create alienation among people who are already a little alienated. I've read some very cynical comments at Steve Sailer's blog, and I share their suspicions.

In fact, for the first time ever, I have some genuine curiosity about some of those conspiracy theories. If only the 9/11 revisionists had a better bedside manner. If they didn't call Osama "Goldstein," I might be right there with them. Because Osama's execution, the way they dumped the body, the timing, etc., is farce.