Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gates of Vienna through "Frontinus" gets "Dexter" all wrong

I won't let my favorite TV show be defamed like this!

The cable show Dexter does not "glamorize" killing, as Frontinus implies (nor is it "nihilistic" as a Lawrence Auster reader glibly tosses out). It's about a man who as a little boy was traumatized by witnessing the brutal murder of his mother and grew up under the guidance of his father, a policeman, to pursue vigilante justice only against serial killers.

I.e., the character Dexter has a solemn "code": only kill serial killers who do not receive their due punishment from the system. However, even his deceased mentor father -- who appears to him in artful vignettes/visions to impart advice now and then (perhaps as a symbolism of his own conscience) -- regularly probes his ethical quandary and questions whether he is not going too far.

In the rare instances where Dexter is forced through accidents or circumstance to go tragically outside his "code", the show clearly communicates the tragedy involved. And, as implied above, meanwhile, he does not blithely go around killing people. The show clearly communicates, over a long arc of shows that weave the plots, that he is conflicted.

Only an ignoramus would get the gist of the show wrong.

And so what if Breivik liked Dexter...? If we learn that Breivik liked Swiss cheese, must we stop consuming that, too?

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