Monday, July 18, 2011

Great summer reading

Serendipitously, while researching for my latest essay on the "hacking" scandal (see immediately below), I came across the rather copious commentary of someone on the Internet who had (according to his profile) posted a total of 2,908 posts on a discussion forum I had never heard of before, It's a general discussion forum site with certain large subcategories -- including "Science", "Technology", "Philosophy", and "World Events".

Update: The forum has a problem linking to all the posts of "vincent", as the URL apparently changes daily. To access them, then, the reader has to go to his profile (linked above) and click on the "Statistics" tab. That will lead to a place where one can click on "Find all the posts of vincent".

Apparently, this "vincent" began posting in 2004 but, alas, has not posted there since November of 2008. A pity. His posts, while at times brash and coarse, and not always reflecting the best orthography, nevertheless are often richly saturated with a refreshingly healthy, searingly wry and deadly-pertinent perspicuity about the various grotesque deformities of Islam which, through the behaviors of Muslims around the world, are increasingly besetting and beleaguering the West -- and the Rest of the World.

I highly recommend my readers peruse his posts. They'd make great summer reading.

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