Thursday, July 07, 2011

Update on Professor Yahya

A few weeks ago, I posted an introduction to a blog essay I would like to write -- in a nutshell, it's about a massacre of Catholic monks in Algeria by Muslims in 1996, and about a Belgian convert to Islam, Yahya Michot, who seems to have agreed with the justification of that massacre under Islamic law.

Michot should be exposed, because he continues to be treated in the West as a respected academic scholar -- not the least of which as enjoying the position as chief editor at a scholarly Western journal, Muslim World, housed at the Hartford Seminary in Connectitut (for God's sake!).

In that introduction, I wrote:

I'm currently working on an essay that involves a lot of difficult investigation. Once I get all the facts straight, I will post the full essay. . .

I finally recently found an article that seems to provide evidence in that regard, but it is from an online
venue that requires a paid subscription, so that will take some time.

The problem with that article I found: the subscription that would enable me to read it online costs over $1,000!

So, unfortunately, as I cannot afford such an expenditure, my search for substantiation of Professor Yahya Michot's mendacious and sinister sedition will have to wait as I continue searching online.

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