Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Update on the "warning" I received from a non-anti-Islam discussion forum about my "bigotry"

I just received a response from the same representative of the discussion forum where lately I've been engaging in lively debates with a gaggle of PC MCs, which I documented immediately downstairs.

I'm almost afraid to open it and read it. Here goes...

The same individual wrote to me (this time in my "private" area on the forum):


"I am an administrator of sciforums. Among other things, that involves responding in regard to posts reported by members,

"Your assumption that you have offended my sensibilities is just that - an assumption.

"Here, I have just given you a heads-up. Make of it what you will."

I just responded:

Very well. However, in your prior warning you gave no indication anyone else but yourself as representative of was concerned, and you included remarks that certainly sounded like your opinions on the matter, which you ascribed to no one else, other than generally speaking as reflecting the official policy of; with which, again, it seemed like you were in agreement. At any rate, it's good to know there is a healthy culture among the members here of vigilance concerning incorrect speech. (I wonder how former member "Sir Vincent" managed to thrive here for four years from 2004-2008? My posts thus far pale in comparison with his aggressively anti-Muslim outbursts on steroids. I looked on the banned list, and his name wasn't there. Granted, that was a relatively long while ago, and atmospheres often change, for better or worse.)

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