Monday, August 29, 2011

Evidence demonstrating that mainstream conservative non-Elites are PC MC about Islam

I didn't say my evidence was definitive, or rock-solid.
But it does reflect a disquieting probability.

I speak of a community of commenters at an aggressively conservative blog called Ace of Spades HQ. I had never heard of that blog before, until Robert Spencer in an article at Jihad Watch noted that the owner, "Ace", pooh-poohed the concerns which Spencer and Pam Geller have about the latest Conservative flavor-of-the-month and possible Obama-unseater, the Texas Governor and Republican (both Texan and a Republican -- he must be a real Conservative!) Rick Perry.

I wrote a note about this here last night (scroll down to the posting immediately below this one).

Anywho, when I got to the "Ace" article linked by Spencer, I noted the remarkable number of comments -- over 500 (by contrast, the Spencer article still only has 98 comments, and most of the time Jihad Watch rarely goes beyond 50; and I just checked the latest posting "Ace" put up -- some fluffy puffy gripe about how the liberal MSM is reporting on Hurricane Irene: within minutes of publishing it, there are already over 200 comments). So, as that pro-Perry anti-Spencer-&-Geller thread was still growing fast at the time, I decided to roll up my pants, kick off my boat shoes, and jump in.

That was last night. This morning, I see that are over 1,000 comments! Granted, the thread, now 24 hours old, has outlived the short attention span of commenters there. And this ostensibly amazing quantity, to be sure, becomes somewhat less amazing when one looks more closely at the content and realizes that a good number among them represent short, snippy, often foul-mouthed and utterly insubstantial pot-shots -- not to mention that the total number of commenters seems to be no more than approximately 50 (perhaps 100 or so, at least on that particular thread), with a minority among them making most of the noise.

As I began to immerse myself and participate, I quickly realized that in effect I was conducting a laboratory experiment: I would express my usual anti-Islam and anti-Muslim sentiments, and this would cause reactions -- as inexorably and as mechanically as any experiment with chemicals or pistons. What aggrieved was the fact that the reactions caused were, more or less, no different than the reactions one would expect in the comments field of a solidly Leftist website: reactions reflecting an anxious concern to defend Muslims from "bigotry" and a closely related hostility to anyone who dared to show signs of such a hate-thought-crime.

I.e., the spectacle of that comments field, once it is sufficiently digested (and don't worry, one doesn't have to plow through its entirety word for word to absorb the impression), tends to substantiate the title of my article today. When I entered that discussion thread and began to type unremarkably anti-Islam and anti-Muslim statements, I soon felt like I had plunged into a thread at the Daily Kos, or at Jon Stewart's website, or the political forum on -- places where rabid Leftists abound, swarm and swoop in on anyone who has the faintest odor of "bigotry", "hate", and "racism".

I invite the reader to browse through that comments field. No need to read every comment, or even most of them; just limit yourself to searching for "hesperado" and keep your eye out for how the Conservative regulars react whenever Muslims are criticized a wee bit too much for their PC MC sensibilities.

(Also take a look at this more recent thread there on Governor Perry where, for example, in response to my mature and reasonable comment, I received no intelligent responses, but did arouse these pro-Perry "conservatives" to react thusly.)

It should be added that I was not utterly alone there in that Kos-like tank of piranha smelling the blood of Islamophobic bigotry: at least one other commenter (one "november1981") did a considerable amount of heavy lifting for the good cause (e.g., his comment substantiating the unremarkable dismay we should have at the sentiments of Aga Khan on display for all to see in an interview, of which Governor Perry and his followers remain unconscionably and obtusely incognizant); while another ("Lauren") seemed at least to have a glimmer of the appropriate dimensions of the problem of Islam and consequently was not quite as knee-jerk as the vast majority there.


I notice that in the ensuing hours since that grotesque display, discussed above, of PC MC Islamophilia in defense of Muslims barely even bothering to dress itself up in asymptotic intelligence, the "Ace of Spades HQ" community ("Ace", his team of co-bloggers, and all their followers) has resumed normal broadcasting -- you know, posting stuff about how bad "liberals" are, continuing to defend the clueless Rick Perry, and taking shots at Obama: i.e., stuff which must prove, evidently, that they are "real Conservatives".


BayouCoyote said...

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

AND I know you will win.

Hesperado said...

Thanks BayouCoyote,

With Plato, I know that the West has already won, even if it loses.

But it would be nice if we could keep our Politeia intact while doing so...

Mannning said...

Off Topic: Do you have any references to the Muslim reactions to Obama's speeches? I maintain that by taking an apologetic approach and inviting mutual self-criticism of both nations, he was digging himself a hole, becuase of a Muslim mind set against self-criticism. Do you have any comments on Muslim reluctance to air their sins in public?

Hesperado said...


I haven't seen any Muslim reactions to Obama's speeches. I doubt they would be surprisingly substantial. Most likely, they express platitudes about how they appreciate his words, etc.; meanwhile, they may be saying at other times that his words are empty, when he's still fighting Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, and still (grudgingly) supporting Israel, etc.

At best, Obama's "reaching out" has done nothing helpful. More important and worrisome, in my estimation, than what the Muslim reaction is to us (since to me that's merely a matter of "plus ca change..."), is the effect Obama's various policies have on our need to wake up to the problem of Islam.