Saturday, September 10, 2011

911 X

The biggest, most sobering lesson we can take from the tenth anniversary of the 911 attacks:

The majority of ordinary Americans never woke up to the deadly urgency of the problem of Islam.

Had they woken up by now, tomorrow's events (I pen this now late in the evening of the 10th, Pacific time) would have attracted a crowd of supporters numbering at least one million strong. But we now that, as with all the previous nine anniversaries, the numbers will be in the paltry two to three thousand range.

Nothing less than one million would suffice to demonstrate that the Ordinary People (as opposed to those Dastardly Elites) have graduated along the Learning Curve -- the elementary and unremarkable Learning Curve which anyone with a lick of sense and a few hours to spare this past decade could have accomplished -- of the Problem of Islam.

I.e., what this anniversary stands for is an indictment -- not of evil Elites, nor of "liberals" or "Leftists" -- but of the over 200 million adult Americans who surely could spare a measly 0.5% of their fellows to make a show in New York City on September 11: a show of solidarity and awareness of one of the most exigent and deadly problems facing not only America, not only the entire West, but also of vast swaths of the Third World whose hapless peoples remain horribly victimized by fanatical Muslims.

Such a show of solidarity and awareness that broad, of at least a million Americans from all over the country, would have been one which the mainstream media could not possibly belittle, minimize or caricature as a curious cult of "bigots" and "Islamophobes". The MSM, for once -- even its most perverse Islamophiles like Brian Williams, Christiane Amanpour, Jon Stewart or Whoopi Goldberg -- would be forced to sit up and take notice that here we have a mainstream protest of The People, and not merely of "right-wingers" or "fundies".

But, alas, all we will have for 911 X is just another installment of the yearly anniversaries which, however well-intentioned, have not even put a dent in the PC MC script (and this updated report, post-911, alas fails, however well-intentioned, to correct my pessimism). That script remains dominant and mainstream -- and could not enjoy the influence and status it does in fact enjoy, were it merely the artificial product of some dastardly cabal of elites, rather than what it is: the consensus of the majority of ordinary people, who all share, unremarkably, to one sufficient degree or another, in the Zeitgeist of the age.

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