Monday, September 26, 2011

Well, go-o-o-o-o-o-o-lly!

An update to my immediately preceding post (just below), concerning the pro-Islamic propaganda rearing its hijabbed head in a school district in the Deep South, in Georgia (of all places). Someone at the school system of Henry County, Georgia, responded to my email. This was not the superintendent whom I had emailed (one Ethan Hildreth), but was apparently his liaison, a J.D. Hardin, "Communications Specialist" (mercy, the Old South is gone!).

Mr. Hardin's email to me:

Thank you for contacting Henry County Schools regarding your concerns. After a careful review, we can confirm that the item in question (brought forth by your email below... is not part of our approved system curriculum. We have identified the source of the item and are removing the item from the school site. Please be assured that our emphasis is ensuring academic success for our students using only appropriate academic resources.

Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention.


J.D. Hardin

I just now responded:

Dear Mr. Hardin,

Thanks for your email. I'm heartened to learn you have removed the item in question. However, further questions are raised, which I hope you will address for me please. You say that the item in question is "not part of our approved school curriculum". That raises the question: How did it get there?

You also say that you "have identified the source of the item". What does that mean? This almost sounds like you are talking about mold and mildew that were spotted in the gym room shower stalls. Surely, some human beings were involved with this? Who were they? How did they get access to school curriculums? Did they hide in the closet until the coast was clear, then slip some syllabi into the stacks of course material that had been temporarily piled on top of the overhead projector? More importantly, why did teachers go along with this?

Finally, you wrote that you "are removing the item from the school site". Are you removing it only because it was not part of your approved school curriculum? Or are you removing it because of its content? (I suspect that if the item in question were a KKK document extolling slavery of blacks, you would not hesitate to condemn the content. So why is it any different or better here, when we are talking about one of the worst human rights abusers on the planet, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where just last week they beheaded someone accused of sorcery -- beheaded in public after Friday prayers, for crying out loud!)




I'll keep the readers apprised (though, unfortunately, likely unsurprised).

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