Thursday, December 01, 2011

An Anti-Islam Manual -- "Never Leave Home Without It"

The PC MC template has many different ways -- not just one -- of fending off damning data about Islam.

So, when Robert Spencer -- after reporting some data about some Muslim du jour who expresses fanatical intolerance, and furthermore bases that fanatical intolerance on his Islam -- routinely asks his sarcastic rhetorical question:

Is this Muslim an "Islamophobe"...?

-- this otherwise good question will, alas, have little effect on the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist, since he has many arrows in his bag of tricks (to mix metaphors).

Namely, he will pull out the handy "TMOE". I.e., that Muslim whom Spencer is citing, and any other similarly fanatical Muslim he cites, is not representative of the majority of Muslims (who are deemed to be either "moderates" or "lax" or "ignorant of their own Islam", or any combination of these), but rather reflects the Tiny Minority of Extremists which, of course, every religion has (look at Waco, abortion clinic bombers, the Crusades, etc.). And he will often go further and point out that Spencer (and anyone else who dares to point out the antics of that Tiny Minority) is actually tending to facilitate that extremism, by insinuating that it represents more than a tiny -- and therefore inconsequential -- slice of the Islamic "diversity" around the world.

The Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist has thus moved the goal post. Now, our data is apparently ineffective, and we must martial a new argument, and round up more data to try to sway the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist. We thus would expend much time and labor (if we cared to try to persuade the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist, a frustrating and often futile effort) amassing data that shows a much broader systemic problem in Muslim societies (including, for example, poll data demonstrating majorities in certain Muslim countries supporting fanatical aspects of Islamic law, such as capital punishment for religious blasphemy and for apostasy).

Were we to do that, this would not settle the matter, unfortunately. At that point, the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist would pull out yet another trick from his kit-bag: Muslim countries have been the victims of Western "meddling", whether under Colonialism, or under the post-Colonialist regime of the British and the French, and then quickly succeeding them, the Americans; and thus the pathologies they seem to show are a result of a relatively new fanaticism aroused in reaction against the West's various intrusive and damaging and self-serving policies -- because the West is just that way, you see: it intrudes in non-Western societies for greedy purposes and damages their delicate cultural eco-systems. That's just how we roll. And, of course, the non-Western Others are never responsible for the systemic pathologies their societies may manifest. It's always our fault, somehow. So the self-hating Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist sees it.

And these are only three tricks which they deploy. There are dozens more where these came from, all interrelated in complex interlocking fashion which, though incoherent, all together comprise a well-oiled machine, as long as the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist doesn't think too carefully about what he's saying. And he can do that, blithely as the day is long, as long as we continue to fumble and don't immediately have ready and informed rebuttals to each and every point they raise, as well as to the constellations of points they like to shower us with, as they remain in constant motion dancing like a butterfly and (so they think) stinging like a bee.

Indeed, much of the time, it seems, even our learned analysts out in the front lines of debate tend rather to enable that complex obfuscation, when we should be trying to dissipate it through
immediate refutation with evidence, and through a simplification of debate to stop their evasions and prevarications in their tracks -- whether in dealing with the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist, or with Muslim apologists for Islam.

Moral of the Story:

If the still inchoate anti-Islam movement would get its shit together and put together an Anti-Islam Manual, we would have immediate and effective ways to counter the PC MC template.

Such a Manual, by virtue of its comprehensiveness and concision rendering obsolete all other sources of anti-Islam rebuttals of Islam apologism, would help us enormously -- all of us, from the jet-setting round-table-participating leaders like Robert Spencer on down to us lowly civilians -- to begin to cut through, and hopefully over time to dispel, the PC MC fog that dominates our cultural airwaves throughout the entire West.
For, one of the advantages which that PC MC template enjoys (aside from its mainstream dominance) is that its complex multifarious bag of tricks exploits our usual inability to respond in real time and with decisively massive and irrefutable evidence to their various obfuscations. With an Anti-Islam Manual that is electronic and in everyone's iphone or PMP or laptop, we would always be able, at any given instance -- whether online or in the street or at a social function or at a public forum or in a cafe or folding laundry in the laundry room, as fast as we can text and scroll with our nimble fingers -- to refute the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist on any given point he raises. 

More often than not, perhaps, even in that new circumstance, he would remain obstinately pro-Islam; but at least in that situation he would perforce (after a few rounds in the ring) be reduced to merely standing there slack-jawed and stammering, if not speechless, in his obstinancy. And who knows: we may, not all that infrequently, enjoy a KO.

Over time, this would have a stillicidal effect in our favor on our surrounding mainstream socioculture, since its dominant Weltanschauung is not statically fixed in stone. It only took a half century for it to evolve into mainstream dominance; and so it can devolve -- perhaps as quickly. But this is less likely to happen, if we don't get our act together soon and put together an Anti-Islam Manual.

And none of us, who is awake and who cares about the problem of Islam, would leave home without it.


BayouCoyote said...

Where do we begin?

Hesperado said...


The short answer is that we need the more visible, influential and wealthy quasi-leaders (Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, Pam Geller) to take the initiative to use their influence and money to help begin getting the people necessary to write such a Manual.

Such a Manual will most likely never got done unless the people who work on it are paid good money. It will need at least a few experts, knowledgeable in Arabic and related fields.

Once the impetus is there, the next step is to organize a consensus about its format and contents.

But none of the quasi-leaders out there seem interested, or even aware of the need for a Manual. And they're certainly not going to listen to me now.

BayouCoyote said...