Monday, January 30, 2012

Jihad Watchers still schizophrenic, I see

Take a look at the reactions and responses
by Jihad Watch readers to the latest outrageous atrocity perpetrated by Muslims (the case in Canada of the multiple "honor" murders by family members of their own family members).

Lots of tough talk from the Jihad Watchers. Lots of grave, lucid perspicuity of the monstrous evil and dangerous disease of Islam and its followers, Muslims.

But all these tough talkers and clear-eyed observers remain opposed to the deportation of all Muslims (including citizens) from the West. At best, a smattering of them make limp-wristed gestures toward the idea of limiting or ending immigration of Muslims -- i.e., of closing the barn door after the wolves have already got in.

It would be like a person seeing the house he is in on blazing fire, but choosing to refrain from calling 911, and instead suggesting that pots be filled with water.

So, I cannot take too seriously their nonsensical no-nonsense verbiage. They still haven't got it. The sheer catastrophe of the mountain of data about Islam and about Muslims -- both, not just the former -- just hasn't really sunk in, yet.

Which is really weird, considering how much horrific grotesque ghoulish crap they sift through nearly every day, as they read what Jihad Watch documents about Muslims all over the world.


More curious, more baffling,
more infuriating than the Leftist or the PC MC -- is the anti-Islam person who for some strange reason chooses to remain asymptotic.

And that comments field I linked up top is just one example I could cite of hundreds like it over the last year; with hundreds more for each year before that.

What do they say about a lab rat that keeps pushing the same button that zaps him?

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