Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vacation's over

Claude Guéant, French Minister of the Interior, recently became embroiled in a flap with Serge Letchimy, some French politician who hails from the Caribbean island of Martinique (still under some administrative holdover from the great era of Colonialism and no doubt some kind of "département") -- whose tan does not derive merely from sunning himself too many months out of the year at his time-share there -- and who among other multiculturalist agenda of the unaccidentally anti-Occidental flavor, agitates for its independence from France.

In French Parliament recently, the latter accused the former of essentially being a "Nazi" for the former's unremarkable observation that French civilization is superior to many other cultures.

To this preposterous charge (which, when one watches the video, went on interminably, to the increasing outrage of most of the members of French Parliament, many of whom walked out in protest), Claude Guéant decried the purport of Letchimy's charge:

...que l’on accuse de favoriser l’idéologie nazie quelqu’un qui promeut les valeurs universelles des droits de l’Homme, et rappelle qu’il y a des valeurs qui sont supérieures à d’autres car elles représentent précisément un progrès de l’humanité.


... that one would accuse of favoring the Nazi ideology someone who promotes the universal values and rights of Man, and who reminds us that these values are superior to other values precisely because they represent the progress of humanity.

-- is, we finish Guéant's thought, scandalous and outrageous; but, alas, these days unsurprising.

This is the very precise, searingly acute nodus of the entire problem of the modern West with its own self-identity and self-consciousness, as brought forcefully (if not violently) into relief by that spearhead of politically correct multiculturalism embodied by Muslims and the Islam they brandish and lug around like a congenital ontology superadded (or grafted on) to their human nature.

What tightens the knot of this nodus past the point of reason -- past the point of some abstract philosophical experiment or meditation on our principles, to the brutely concrete point of mortally endangering our own lives time and time again -- is the perverse paradox by which the Western complex of virtues, derived from its Graeco-Roman Judaeo-Christian heritage, has itself become the source of the very same politically correct multiculturalism that weakens it.

One emblematic example: the uniquely Western virtue of transcending tribalism in favor of universalism (from which is engendered symbolisms of humanity) grows out of proportion with monstrously good intentions to embrace in its universalism violent and backward tribalists and -- here's the pièce de résistance (or, rather de reddition): Our uniquely Western virtue of universalism, congenially deformed with a lately developed gigantism (otherwise fondly referred to as "Wilsonianism", in some respects creeping into the still inchoate anti-Islam movement in the form of Wildersianism and otherwise dispersed in the pleasantly gaseous form of PC MC throughout Western societies today), insists -- on pain of being charged with accusation of "Nazism" and other similar sins -- that violent and backward tribalism of the Natives (non-Western Tiers-Mondistes) be "respected" unconditionally, and thus be appreciated to such an extent they must be put on a pedestal equalling our civilizational achievement, though they never earned it.

The problem wouldn't be quite so bad, were all Third Worlders normally undeformed by a fervently supported blueprint for rejecting the modern virtues of liberalism and human rights. Unfortunately, a third of the Third World precisely opposes those modern virtues, as is evident by a mountain of data -- not the least of which being that the O.I.C. (the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which represents all Muslim-majority nations in the world) opposes the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, and substitutes for that its own version, the Cairo Declaration, which specifically provides loopholes by which to circumvent full equality for women, homosexuals and religious minorities. And these nations and their political and clerical representatives don't do this just because they personally don't like human rights or equality. They do it because their Islam dictates it, because the man they most revere in all history, Muhammad, told them so.

The West can't keep going on its PC MC course much longer, now that it's becoming increasingly clear that there exist hundreds of millions of people throughout the world (and increasingly growing within the West) whose dearly held ideology that explains the Meaning of Life despises not only human rights and equality as we cherish it, but also despises real multiculturalism itself; and is increasingly reviving its penchant for using various forms of physical violence (including most prominently and prevalently terrorism, the modern form of the ancient Islamic military tactic of the razzia) in order to do so.

It's time to wake up. The vacation's over. Time to have our friendly brown servants with their smiles of coconut-white teeth help us pack our bags and take us to the airport back home, where work needs to be done to defend it from an Islam Redivivus.

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