Monday, April 30, 2012


Hugh Fitzgerald had a great idea many moons ago on Jihad Watch, to post links to YouTube audio selections (many of which had video), usually harking back -- as was Hugh's wont -- to the music of yesteryear (not only the Big Band era of the 40s, but on back through the early 20th century clear back in a couple of cases to the 1890s).

I cannot articulate better than Hugh himself the reason for these "Interludes" of his (which, by the way, he continues unabated in his own nook of the woods since he left Jihad Watch) -- only to say that its gist is to offer not only a respite from the grotesqueries of Mohammedans and their Mohammedanism, but also a reminder of the depth and breadth of the superiority of the West, glimpsed or tasted in glimmers or morsels of various musical and cinematic examples.

In this spirit, then, I offer up my own today:

The great Tom Jobim doing a duet with the charming Brazilian singer Elis Regina, singing his ingeniously poetic composition Águas de Março ("Waters of March").

(English translation of the lyrics.)


And yes -- in case any reader gets a bright idea: Brazilian music is part of the West -- since the West colonized the rest of the world and endowed it with as much of the virtues of the Graeco-Roman Judaeo-Christian principles as could be sustained by the Other, and as much as could be upheld by ourselves; even as the Other in various ways enriched our world (not the least of which may be felt as a tickle in the trickle-up effect of the waters of March running from South to North).  

At any rate, there are two Souths -- the sinister South of Boumedienne's Islamic supremacism (scroll down to "1974" in that link, if you please), and the non-Muslim South whose peoples and cultures, it is to be hoped, may some day find in the West a clearer-eyed succorer and champion for the cruel oppression they have suffered -- and continue to suffer -- under the imperialistic fanaticism of Mohammedans.

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