Monday, April 09, 2012

Operation: You Gotta Be Kidding

A recent
report on Jihad Watch, about some Iranian book making the claim that Leonardo Da Vinci had taken the Shahada (and had therefore become a Muslim), but that this historical bombshell had been suppressed by the West for centuries, had me spill my coffee and fall off the ceiling.

That takes more chutzpah and horseshit than even Dan Brown is capable of.

Then it hit me: how to explain one of history's persistent mysteries:

Rumor has it that Da Vinci was having a difficult time getting just the right facial expression from his subject, and she had several sessions in his art studio with him over several days during which he continued to feel uninspired by the Muse; until one day, almost by chance in passing a bit of badinage with her, he happened to mention on a facetious lark:

"Signorina, penso che si convertono all'Islam e di viaggio per Istanbul dove vivrò tra i turchi..."
("Miss, I think I shall convert to Islam and travel to Istanbul, where I shall live among the Turks...")

-- at which point Mona could not help but unsuccessfully stifle a smirk.

"Perfettissima! Non muovere nemmeno un muscolo...!"
("Absolutely perfect! Don't move even a muscle!")

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