Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eqo Quoque

Once when mentioning my coinage, Ego Quoque, someone remarked that, technically, it should be Nos Quoque ("We Too").

Just as, however, there is the singular plural of the "Royal We", so too there could be said to be the singular plurality of the "Collectivist I".

Plus, I like to retain the "Ego" in the formulation, as a gently subliminal and ironic reminder of the paradoxical (and thus incoherent) egotism involved in the PC MC psyche.

Equivalencism, like a lot of the grave (yet deceptively creamy and sugary) errors of PC MC, is basically rooted in a virtue, but one taken to irrational excess. The virtue involved here is the sober reminder (often with paternalistic overtones) that "we too have done bad things in the past".

The excess involves the unhinged loss of perspective which results in a strange inability to appreciate massive distinctions and differences in degree, both quantitatively and qualitatively.  Thus, for example, the paltry number of killings and death threats involved with Christian "abortion clinic bombers" or the KKK is equated with the hundreds of thousands more -- nay, millions more -- perpetrated, planned and threatened by Muslims over a longer period of time.  Or, quite often, there is implied an appeal to a quantitative massiveness -- in terms of one of our historical sins -- to function as a substitute for the additional qualitative feature -- in terms of the ghoulishly grotesque nature of the inhuman crime against humanity of (not to mention the mass insanity of fanaticism displayed by) the Muslims du jour, in order for the former to obscure (if the Equivalencist is more or less a haplessly innocent dupe) or to camouflage (if a cleverer duplicity is afoot) the sufficiently pertinent difference that is the fucking point of the whole exercise of the recognition that:

1) We are better than them


2) They are our implacable incorrigible enemy.


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