Thursday, July 05, 2012

Help them out

She told a jury at Isleworth Crown Court that trouble began at the Tesco store in Kensington, West London, when she offered to help the woman, Mounia Hamoumi, and her husband unload their shopping trolley.

This was the explanation given by a recent prize-winning photographer in England, Cinnamn Heathcote Drury, who got into a scuffle-cum-kerfuffle with a Muslim family somewhere in or on the grounds of a Tesco store (the British version of Target, perhaps), and for her pains received not only injuries from the Muslims, but the insult added to those injuries of the legally rendered accusation (which, in the meantime, thank Allah, has been adjusted after a brief trial in her favor) that it was her fault.

Her only fault was to try to help Muslims.

For, her anecdote is an exquisite microcosm of the entire problem of the West vis-a-vis Islam:  nearly all our problems are due to "trying to help" Muslims -- whether to help them ameliorate their hellholes abroad; or to help them immigrate into our superior societies because we think that they want to escape their Islam and not rather invade us; or, finally, to help them "assimilate" into our societies once they are here.

And, of course, it need not be added that our macrocosm of this problem has far deadlier consequences than what befell Ms. Drury (though it could well have been far worse for her, too).  

The only "help" we need to extend to Muslims is to help them to the door -- out of our countries.

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