Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More years of mountainous growth

I don't remember when I wrote the following words.  I remember writing them as a comment in the comments field of some Jihad Watch article or other.  It doesn't really matter which, or when.  Ah, now I see, as I scroll down and re-read it: I wrote it back in February of this year.  And the "mountain" I refer to harks back to an essay I wrote in 2010 called "Mt. Jihad Watch" -- in which I likened Jihad Watch to a growing mountain of data about the deadly horrors of Islam as it metastasizes in its revival in our time.  

At any rate, I could have written these words at any given month in the past six or seven years.  It wearies, it maddens, it aggrieves that after all these years, so many in the anti-Islam movement (such as it is) still don't seem to get the full catastrophe (to paraphrase Zorba the Greek) of the problem.

Anywho.  Here are those words:

Until I see a person writing or hear a person saying that they support total deportation of all Muslims from the West -- while they are otherwise obviously not shy or tongue-tied at all about regularly expressing many other sundry thoughts on the matter -- it is entirely reasonable for me to assume they oppose total deportation of all Muslims from the West.

And that position which I think should be supported I also think rationally flows from this ever-growing mountain of alarming, grotesque, ghoulish, deadly data upon which our comments rest near this week's peak of Mt. Jihad Watch which, unfortunately and grimly, continues to mount ever higher because of fresh oozing and spurts of the evil lava of the Islam Muslims around the world continue to enable and aid and abet -- when they are not with demonic fervor putting it into bloody practice.

Indeed, we're not just talking about a growing mountain to help lead one to a conclusion which over-the-counter Counter-Jihadists for the most part continue to fail to arrive at, even as otherwise they schizophrenically demonstrate their "livid" reactions and their "stunned" dismay at every new outrageous atrocity perpetrated by the Muslims du jour; we are talking about a metastasizing mountain. Its peak upon which we stand this week, with the years of hardened, multifarious evil documented below us, is getting so high, we are running out of air, and out of time.

And as we already see yesterday and today, the peak is still mounting ever higher above our heads, with fresh stories about ever more Muslims here, there and anywhere around the world (and within the West) demonstrating their propensity in their many-splendored diversity for deadly sedition and fanatical supremacism. The crest of the peak, which we can still see, for we stand near it now on February 24, 2012, will soon -- again, as it always does -- extend too high to see, as Muslims continue to supply us with ever more data; and just as surely as they will, so too will Jihad Watchers continue to be "livid" and "outraged" and "stunned" and otherwise dismayed and shaking their fists -- meanwhile refusing even to consider the only reasonable option pertinently related to the nature of the problem: extricating the entire population of Muslims from the West. 

It's not that it can't be done, technically, or pragmatically, or perfectly legally (given that Muslims follow an ideology of deadly sedition that has already mass-murdered Americans and Westerners on our soil, with every reason to suppose further plots -- worse and more horrific plots -- are being planned now). It's that Second Person Plural (Y'all here at Jihad Watch and elsewhere in the anti-Islam movement), and Third Person Plural (Them Liberals Out There) don't want to -- with both these pluralities painfully ironic bedfellows in this one agreement.

I'm sure what you're doing in your offline life is productive; but productive of what -- the half-assed measures of "limiting" immigration to only Muslims about whom we already know they are "extremist", and only monitoring Muslims and mosques about whom we already know they are "extremist", etc.? Such measures are pertinent for individuals and groups about whom our Western virtue of innocent until proven guilty reasonably applies; but not for a group that we have, again, a burgeoning mountain of data to indicate represent a metastasizing, internationally networking, deadly fanatical intent to commit mass violence anywhere at random in places and at times we will not often be able to predict -- a mass-murderous intent based upon a 1,400-year-old and still going strong (indeed, getting worse) doctrine of sedition.

Now, if we could winnow out the dangerous "extremists" from the masses of supposedly harmless non-"extremists" when considering the total population of All Muslims, then half-assed measures would be reasonable. But since we can't, they aren't.

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