Sunday, August 19, 2012

Incompetent, or Inimical...?

This video, titled Dishonorable Disclosures, assembles an impressive array of U.S. military and intelligence experts, including a few who have had years of experience on the ground in Iraq and/or Afghanistan (including a couple of Navy SEALs). 

Essentially, what becomes clear from the observations and analyses of all the experts marshalled in this video, along with the commentary that ties their various remarks together, is that Obama's bin Laden op involved, at the very least, a "large print giveth, small print taketh away" -- i.e., Obama got to enjoy the immense political capital from finally killing bin Laden, the evil Moriarty who had eluded Bush for 8 years, while at the same time the way Obama leaked all the details of how we did it has seriously compromised our military and intelligence in terms of exposing our tactics, not to mention exposing innumerable individuals to potential harm.   

At approximately the 13:30 mark of this 20-minute video, it also delves into other important leaks by the Obama administration of its own tactics and military technology -- after all, Obama is the Commander-in-Chief ultimately overseeing all American military and intelligence strategy and operations -- including his drone assassination program, and perhaps more grimly, Stuxnet, our joint American-Israeli program of undermining computer networks, which helped to retard Iran's nuclear capabilities for years.

What disturbs about this video report is the clear pattern exposed: effectively, Obama has been assisting our global enemy, the Islamic jihadists.  Whether his behavior in this regard is either a matter of gross incompetence, or treasonous subversion, it is difficult to determine.  There doesn't seem to be, however, a third explanation.

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