Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Drum roll, if you please, maestro...

I discovered by sheer accident an excellent blog out there mostly focusing on the Islam problem, but also widening that focus out to concerns of conservative American politics:

While there are too many blogs out there whose multitude clogs the medium and tends to overglaze the eyes (not to mention brings on mouse-clicking carpal tunnel syndrome), a few do rise to the top: it's just a matter of finding them amid the blogospheric clutter.  

Ruthfully Yours is neat and readable in appearance, eminently substantive, levelheaded, riddled with links that verify important points (I especially appreciate that), and the blogger seems to be an unusually busy bee (multiple posts per day, many of them rather long -- I counted 30 for just today's date!).  Alas, she seems to tend to eschew comments, which is unfortunate, but forgiveable.  Not having read much of it at all yet, I cannot of course comment on the degree, if any, of asymptotic tendencies the blogger, Ruth King, may indulge in.  So far, however, so good.

I hereby induct Ruthfully Yours onto my blogroll.

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