Thursday, September 06, 2012

Interlude #8

"I'm In Love" (1957), sung by Tiger Haynes and The Three Flames: 

Listen for the punch line at the end.


Anonymous said...

Hesperado, you should google Lame Cherry. Truly a stunning mind! If you read the archives, you will see that Lame Cherry started out with a rather different literary voice from today.

Anyway, in crude language, Lame Cherry makes the rather persuasive argument that Muslims are really fundamentally GAY terrorists in the expression of their terrorism via anal rape of male victims.

By the way, I am a 'Live and let live' person. I just see with my own eyes that the 'Give them an inch, and they'll take a mile' adage seems to apply upon the open acceptance of male homosexuality in both the past and present. Past Greeks turned to pederasty; past - and present - Muslims turned to pederasty; present NAMBLA and various and sundry individual homosexuals seriously advocate for pederasty.

This homosexual tendency toward pederasty MUST concern all who want to protect young children from human predators.


Hesperado said...

I rhink you do have a point, though I may not agree as strenuously or as completely with you on this. The Muslim sodomizing penchant is certainly thematic, though I'm not sure I would want to elevate that to a realm beyond the constellation of the other horrors and atrocities of Islam. It would be just one more exhibit from their House of Horrors.

This particular song, by the way, I think is more along the lines of the last line of the movie "Some Like It Hot", which surely even one concerned for the purity of our society must begrudge with a smile.

Anonymous said...

To me, Muslims and male homosexuals share two related defining traits: 1) the minority of publicly 'nice' or 'normal' ones provide knowing and necessary cover for the majority of 'not-so-nice' or 'not-so-normal' ones to infiltrate and undermine 'nice' and 'normal' society, and 2) both groups actively target young children as sexual objects - making child rape the status quo.

The high incidence of homosexuals who were victims of childhood molestation reveals that child rape is a successful 'asexual' reproduction technique.

Islam seeks to traumatize ALL male and female children via socially accepted child rape - even gang rape! Islam gains physically, emotionally, psychologically scarred children, teens, and adults whose imams manipulate and direct the substantial interior anger of Muslim people outward toward the infidel of their choice.