Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Extremist and the Moderate

This is no B'rer Rabbit story, but a tale acted out by idiots, signifying cultural suicide.

Back in 2010 in a comments thread on Jihad Watch, somebody wrote the following observation: 

No Mohammad will come at you with a crazed look in his eye and a bomb in his turban. 

He will be a "normal" "moderate" Muslim, from your neighborhood, whom you see every day... 

This observation reflects a common opinion; but I would suggest the problem is more subtly complicated, and requires an explanatory dispositif to clarify.

For actually, it is both. The crazed Muslim jihadist, by being defined as an "extremist" who is "hijacking Islam", only tends to help inoculate the putative "moderate" Muslim from blame. 

This dynamic is intensified by the PC MC (politically correct multi-culturalist) paradigm, which remains dominant and mainstream throughout the West.  That paradigm begins with the prejudicial axiom that simply assumes, without evidence, that mainstream Islam (and that most Muslims) must be "moderate", and that any extremism we see from the Islamic orbit must be an "extremist hijacking" of mainstream Islam. 

Muslims have apparently been catching on to the beneficial aspects of this Western paradigm, and are exploiting it. The "bad cop" Muslims can literally get away with murder -- and the more they do it, the more their "good cop" brethren get away with increasingly infiltrating our societies and institutions, in great part because our dominant and mainstream PC MCs are so anxious to receive and embrace them, to show how un-"bigoted" we are. 

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