Saturday, October 13, 2012

A fit of pique (and righteous outrage) from a citrus-flavored Hesperado

In my many meanderings on the Web and/or Net, I stumbled into this one not old enough, perhaps, to have turned to cobwebs (only last March of this year) -- me (as "LemonLime") in a comment (in a comments thread attached to an article about how the CIA head of counter-terrorism has converted to Islam) taking my fellow Jihad Watchers to task rather passionately for their softness on the problem of Islam.


Anonymous said...

"...Muslims are astronomically more deadly than neo-Nazis, KKK and Communists combined for fuck sake...."

Almost, but NOT quite!

I always say that Islam (promoted by Muslims) and its new competitor Marxism (seeded by Jews) are in a gruesome race to violently murder and control the most people!

So far, the far older Islam has murdered the most people over time, BUT the new-kid-on-the-block Marxism has murdered the most people in the shortest amount of time.

Marxists are equally as evil as Muslims - as evidenced by the fact that violent Marxists studiously work to advance the worldwide interests of violent Muslims.

Both are partners in deadly crimes against humanity!


Hesperado said...

Well Egghead, I may have rhetorically exaggerated; but I still maintain that Islam is potentially deadlier than Communism. In fact, just as Islam managed to swallow up its fierce competitors the Mongols and then the Turks -- by converting them to Islam -- Islam will do the same to a sufficient number of radical Leftist Westerners whose radical Leftism is essentially Marxism in perhaps varying permutations and flavors. Where I disagree with you and a few others in the anti-Islam movement (particularly the "GOV crowd") is that I don't consider radical Leftism to be more than a small minority in the West now, and PC MC is not Leftism, much less is it "radical". That's why the West will ultimately win against Islam. Which brings me to my next comment, which reproduces another comment from that same JW thread featured in my main essay.

Hesperado said...

I just noticed another comment I made on that Jihad Watch thread which I'd like to post for my readers, as it adds necessary points to the other comment I linked in my main article:

...PC MC with regard to how we treat Muslims will change. It's not a matter of IF. It's only a matter of WHEN. The longer we wait, the costlier, the messier, and the bloodier (on both sides) will be the result.

I am rather pessimistic about the change happening soon enough to save the hundreds of thousands (if not a few million) lives that will be mass-murdered as well as horribly injured. My pessimism in this regard, in part derives from the fact that so many in the Anti-Islam Movement (such as it is) are so damn soft about Muslims in a variety of ways, and wring their hands in ethical anxiety every time the issue of deportation comes up for discussion. That's why I always append Diana West's wry parenthetical qualifier -- (such as it is) -- when referencing the Anti-Islam Movement, because it's not yet really an Anti-Islam Movement for a variety of reasons, all clustered around the ethical and intellectual flabbiness and limp wrists of so many who are otherwise ctiticizing and even condemning Islam and Muslims and thus constituting the "Movement".

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Marxists are importing Muslims hand over fist to change the demographics of the West to favor Islam and to make Muslim deportation an impossibility due to the scope of the invasion.

A much better plan for the West is to emulate past European history and ban ALL books, symbols, and practice of Islam as well as ALL Muslim immigration.

The Marxists have the same long term plan as mine EXCEPT Marxists intend to use violent Islam to enforce the ban of both God and ALL religion in the interest of equality and community cohesion.

After all, according to Marxists who love multiculturalism, it would be unfair to ban Islam without banning all religions. Ahem.