Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Peer Pressure

An interesting article in the Financial Post (a copiously useful site, I've noticed) about the peer-review process in modern science, with specific reference to corruption of science (and politics) with regard to "climate change":

What the author -- Bob Carter (palaeoclimatologist at James Cook University in Australia and Chief Science Advisor to the International Climate Science Coalition) discusses about the peer-review process in terms of academic science (and its intimate relationship with public policy) could well be analogous to, and symptomatic of, the stranglehold on any rational study of Islamic history and culture in various academic programs and departments throughout the West reflecting a subculture deeply compromised by PC MC in various forms of semi-conscious (and therefore embarrassed, but impotent) awareness or, more often, starry-eyed propaganda masquerading as "scholarship" -- which Hugh Fitzgerald termed "MESA Nostra" in more than one article:

MESA Nostra

Hugh Fitzgerald announces the MESA Nostra Contest, and makes you an offer you can't refuse

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Fiqh said...

Spot-on as usual Hesp. I am not a part of academia (I have been banned, for reasons that I’m sure you can imagine), but the whole structure undermines the very idea of education and intellectually honest thought. It’s incredibly incestuous. You can’t advance unless you have the approval of your peers. But they will only give you that approval if you already agree with them. (And, of course, as you point out, there’s always the follow-the-money issue.) This ensures that 1) only the same ideas will ever be propagated, and 2) once a coalition party (today: Leftists) gains control, they are nearly impossible to diversify.

There is a grim parallel in US national security structure. The security clearance process works much in the same way. It has less to do with security than it does weeding out those who don’t fit a certain cultural mold. Again – ensuring that 1) only the same ideas will ever be propagated, and 2) all any infiltrator needs to do is adopt a particular outward cultural style, and, voila, ‘here’s your security clearance.’ This is one of the reasons that the US intelligence agencies are saturated with jihadists.