Friday, October 05, 2012

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung, summer was dumber (dhimmi-wise), and now whether the Arab Fall is the fall of a gauntlet or the proverbial decline of a culture (or both), only the autumnal tang in the air, the snap of the twig underfoot, the crackling of the blood-red leaves as we wend our way in the middle of this wood where most of us still can't see the forest fire for the trees, may tell.

From Jihad Watch the other day:

Tunisian president says there are 3,000 active jihadists in his country

TUNIS — Jihadists pose a "great danger" to the Maghreb region, which is turning into a "terrorist" hub, Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki warned in an interview with Arabic daily Al-Hayat published Tuesday. "We can say that the centre for a group of jihadists -- the so-called terrorist movement -- is moving right now from Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Arab Maghreb region and there is great danger on our doorstep," Marzouki said.


Anonymous said...

Clearly President Moncef Marzouki is a terrible Islamophobe! Islam is a religion of peace. We know this because Muslims say it again and again - in English. Of course, how would I know what Muslims say in Arabic? Hmmm.


Hesperado said...

Better not to know Arabic....