Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What a tangled web the West sweeps under the carpet

 I listened to Walid Shoebat being interviewed on the Jamie Glazov radio show.

Good show. As Jamie Glazov said at one point, even he himself, who tries to keep up with all matters relating to the problem of Islam, found that some crucial information Shoebat related in the interview was news to him, and that nobody seems to be reporting it.

Also worth noting is the American Spectator article by Jeffrey Lord on Walid's report mentioned in the radio interview by Walid -- which included a couple of details Walid himself didn't know: namely, that Guardian and Daily Mail reporters, having trooped down to Kenya to visit President Obama's "Granny Sarah", were liberally aghast to learn that this 90-year-old Muslim matriarch -- who heads the "charity" that is sucking millions of dollars from gullible Western dupes such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on the premise that her "charity" is helping poverty and HIV/AIDS among Kenyans (when really most of the money is going to educate Muslims in Wahhabist madrassas in Saudi Arabia) -- is anti-abortion and pro-wife-beating! Though they heard "Granny Sarah" say this to them in person, more than once, they did not report it in their papers, and even the one reporter who wrote about it on his blog, Martin Robbins, failed to make the connection between her advocacy of wife-beating and her advocacy of Sharia.

Also, while Lord's report had some crucial info not found in Walid's report, Lord's report failed to mention a crucial description of the madrassas which the "charity" of Obama's grannie sought out: as Obama's first cousin explained in an Al Jazeera interview, according to Lord, those madrassas were:

"...the Islamic University, in Medina. We also in the month of Muhharam visited the dean of Umm al-Qura University, me and my uncle Sayid, and some of the friends, and the nature of the visit was to facilitate scholarship, to send students to Umm al-Qura. My presence also in Doha, I met some of the brethren who work in the Waqf ministry."

What Lord failed to note, Walid made emphatically clear on Glazov's show: these Islamic educational institutions (and by the way, there is no such thing as an Islamic "university" -- they are all madrassas, which are essentially military academies training students in Sharia and Jihad), including Umm al-Qura "University", are, as Walid noted, sources of the most virulent Wahhabism that seeks to destroy the West.

Good God, what a tangled web the West not so much weaves, as the cliché goes -- but (to mix metaphors with another cliché) sweeps under the carpet -- by its very avoidance of all the threads and dots that scream for connection.  With all the various facets of the deadly problem of Islam, one does not so much have to unravel the skein, as ravel it.  I.e., this tangled mess of threads needs to be disentangled to reveal the horrible tapestry that for most people remains pleasantly obscured by the seeming mess of details and Too Much Information.  Or to pull another metaphor out of the box, it is a massive jigsaw puzzle whose pieces lie scattered all over the superhighway of information, which to date only a few have bothered to begin the long, patient labor of piecing together.   And those who have taken that trouble are more often than not demonized as "Islamophobes" or just ignored as persona non grata, excluded from polite society. 

This labor of raveling all the threads and piecing together the puzzle is, of course, an effort that should be the job of our mainstream news media but which, apparently, must be left up to the growing civilian (and largely unpaid) army of bloggers on the Web -- we weavers at the loom of the warp-and-weft of the looming disaster to come.

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