Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whatever happened to the Lady of the Double AA?


(And I'm not referring to her cup size, or her desperate need for an intervention...)

I refer to her pompous spelling of her first name: Morgaan Sinclair.  Haven't seen hide nor hair of her -- praise Allaah! -- for at least three years now, it seems, on Jihad Watch.

As now and again I am wont to browse the lovely dappled fields of Jihad Watch comments threads of yore, I run into her outrageously manic impertinence -- not merely in style, but in content more often than not missing the mark in terms of Islam and jihad. And it tickles to see other Jihad Watchers get increasingly irate at her importunities.

One particular booty-whooping was especially delightful, delivered back in May of 2007 by some Jihad Watcher named "ewha1" (speaking of which, whatever became of him...?) in a purt near contiguous row of three or four comments in a thread already burgeoning -- at a whopping 172 comments -- under the weight of Ms. Sinclair getting under everyone's skin there with her varying forms and flavors of outrageous bullshit, and with several others refusing to put up with her, no matter how many times she kept coming back with her obtuse incomprehension. (Incidentally, "ewha1" also -- while raking Morgaan over the coals -- provides copiously interesting and important information about various aspects of the Serbian-Muslim conflict.)

Another more copiously and diversely enjoyable Aass-whooping may be found on another Jihad Watch comments thread (the Lady graced many a comments thread in her illustriously careering career at Jihad Waatch), where, in the midst of her usual histrionic, hysterical and hyperventilating behavior she revealed her predilection to defend the Naqshbandi Sufis, and by extension to make the sinister Fethullah Gulen out to be some kind of a benign Nelson Mandela or something—in turn also, as in this particular comment—revealing just how deeply preoccupied (if not obsessed) she must have been with a fascination & fawning over of that Sufi order. Subsequent comments on that thread from other intelligent and useful Jihad Watch readers (including Hugh Fitzgerald) at the time put her recklessly encyclopedic admiration into proper perspective, beginning with this one by “special guest” (speaking of which, whatever became of him...?).

I invite the reader to read those comments and the many others there and tell me if you don't weep with tears of chortle and joy!  Good times, good times.

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