Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Who's poop-scooping whom?

Certainly not Congress or the news media.  Heaven forbid they do their job, rather than treat the President practically like a teenage girl from 1963 treats a Beatle.

Anyway, the biggest lesson to learn from this dismal, Obysmal election is that the problem is not "Leftists", nor is it some Leftist "cabal" -- it is the far broader sociopolitical phenomenon of PC MC which is, precisely, not Leftist, but only derivative therefrom; and which, precisely, doesn't need a cabal to sway, for their hearts and minds -- and brains -- are already voluntarily washed squeaky clean of rationality.

Obama has been so massively successful among the millions of American PC MCs (not to mention Western PC MCs throughout the world who continue to laud him) because he has whitewashed his own ultra-radical Leftism which veers off into the extremism of revolutionary Leftism.  He wouldn't have to conceal that side of himself, were his victory simply dependent upon "Leftists".

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