Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Eligibility Issue -- nope, it didn't go away...

I was getting worried when one of the only bloggers in the Blogosphere to be devoting intense and copious attention to the Eligibility Issue about Obama had been absent from her blog, Butterdezillion's Blog, for well nigh three months (her last post had been September 27).  I'd begun to think there was a blackout on the issue -- even more of a blackout, that is, than normal.

I'm happy to say I see she's posted as recently as a few days ago, December 27 -- though in some respects she's bearer of bad, or at least dire, news.

Readers should also see her home page, where she explains her absence and catches her readers up on the complex -- and important -- minutiae of the issue.

I find Nellie (the name she signs off as) to be an extraordinary blogger: her attention to detail and punctiliously meticulous orthography and citation of claims is remarkable; and it's an indication of a well-balanced and rational mind.  Also, she never loses her cool, even with occasional snide or insulting -- or just plain frustrating -- comments.

Only one demurrer I'd have (no one's perfect), is that she frames the exigency of the issue in inferences a bit alarmist in language.  Example:

If Obama is inaugurated on Jan 20th, it will be the equivalent of the Enabling Act of 1933 – after which any peaceful resistance to Hitler’s agenda was made criminal. By regulatory fiat,  resistance to Obama can make someone a “belligerent”, vulnerable to open-ended detainment without charges and no recourse for justice. Part of the “more flexibility” Obama promised Medvedev is the ability to detain people without fear of the public being able to boot him out of office in an election.

These dark clouds on the horizon she does not document as rigorously as she does all her other facts and claims; but surely they are of such monumental gravity, they demand it.

Still, her tireless efforts in sifting through a mountain of data beset by problems of seeming corruption, negligence and obfuscation in high and low places, deserves all of our gratitude and respect.

I would also urge my readers to heed Nellie's plea to do your part in at least contacting your representatives (if you are American) and directing their attention to her evidence.  Notwithstanding my skepticism about what the January 20th inauguration augurs, at the very least if we can galvanize some representatives -- or even one -- to take a stand before then, we will spare the nation a sordid and protracted mess that will assuredly devolve if we do nothing.

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